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HPR - HPR3354: My Devices

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Editor's Note: No show notes were provided for this show. We strongly encourage the inclusion of notes of some kind for the following reasons:

  • They provide the listeners with more information on the topic your show is covering
  • They ensure your show gets posted on time (the volunteers don't have to make notes for you)
  • They encourage people to download your show
  • They allow your show to be indexed by search engines
  • They make your show accessible to the deaf and hard of hearing

operat0r and Son walk around the house talking about the devices that he has.

  1. Android meeting alarms
  2. Firefox
  3. Privacy Badger
  4. UBlock Origin
  5. DNS66
  6. Google Voice
  7. CCTV Camera, to Zone Minder
  8. DarkNet
  9. Kodi
  10. sonarr
  11. radarr
  12. Ombi
  13. Plex
  14. AccuWeather
  15. Blue Team Labs
  16. Admin mode on bluethoot TV
  17. iroso ncf wireless bluetooth headset
  18. Keedox V4.0 Bluetooth Music Receiver Transmitter
  19. Hunter Irrigation
  20. Nissan Infiniti Q40
  21. Nintendo Wii U
  22. Nintendo Switch
  23. Gorilla Glue
  24. Chargemaster 3000
  25. Get splitbox AC
  26. Steel Series HeadSet
  27. MSP430 Nixie Clock kit from RobG on Tindie
  28. Brili Routines - Visual Timer for Kids
  29. Sonic Bomb Alarm Clock
  30. Chromecast
  31. Pulse oximetry
  32. Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS)
  33. Roomba
  34. Zircom Wireless Water Detectors

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