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Hey guys, I recently signed up for an AMD Embedded Developer account and have access to all sorts of tfiles for the Embedded G-Series Processors and SoCs, as well as the R-Series Processors. I've been looking to develop a board around these things for a while. I need someone who has the ability to help me through the process (both physics and design) and is willing to do so without financial compensation (well, unless I decide to start selling these boards for multipurpose stuffs, then there will be percentages involved). Now, all of these things are very closed source and I signed maybe four too many non disclosure agreements. And they can very much make lawsuits against me, so anyone who is going to be working with me must also be able to obtain access to the files.
This is a link to the developer registration.
The process shouldn't be too hard, given I (at 17 years old) signed up and got approved. It took an overnight approval process, but other than that, there were no hiccups. (Also, within 15 minutes I was declined, then in the morning I was approved, so I don't know what's going on there, just try it if you are interested).


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I'm not too you're going to find anyone will to sign up and learn this stuff just to teach you how to design and develop your own boards. More than likely someone would sign up and learn this stuff to develop and sell their own boards.


Honestly, asking someone to sign up and learn embedded development of a niche CPU manufacturer is asking a lot of anyone. Maybe try seeking some forums or other places where AMD embedded developers engage in a community to share information?


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