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I honestly love listening to recordings and such in different languages or accents, but be don't have a thread around here to collect numbers in foreign countries. Post what you got, only requirement is that is doesn't supervise.


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Chile NIS recordings. There looks to be an area code change there, so you'll get an announcement beforehand.


+56-26-91-9999 - Has music bed

+56-26-88-9999 - The announcement machine on this switch generates some weird sounding SITs before anything it plays.


These come from a DMS in the UK;




9997 - Equipment engaged tone

9996 - rec, "Sorry, your call cannot be connected at present. Please try again."

9991 - MOH, no supe
9990 - Vivaldi MOH, no supe
9988 - rec, "The number you have dialed has not been recognized. Please check and try again."

9972 - Reorder tone?


These are all UIFNs. If you're not familiar with how to originate them, there's a couple ways to do it;


You can use a carrier access code to originate it directly, like 0333, 0288, 0222.

You can use the 0555 carrier access code. This routes the call over Worldcom's network to an MCI tandem on the east coast. They didn't actually make any international facilities, so that's their way of doing things.

You can use 101-0288-0. This'll route it over OSPS, of course, and produce an ANI fail.


If your switch is blocking 011-800+ on any of these carrier access codes, your LEC will fix it pretty quickly when you ask them.


(+800)-0000-0133 - French CBCAD, only works with MCI CACs

(+800)-0000-0146 - Swedish NIS message. Only works via MCI CACs

(+800)-0000-0165 - Japanese CBCAD w/400 hertz busy? Reorder? Only works via Sprint CAC

(+800)-0000-0188 - Telecom Malaysia toll-free NIS rec, only works via Sprint CAC

(+800)-2400-2200 - China Telecom NIS rec (RO via Sprint)
(+800)-2408-2007 - Telecom Italia NIS rec
(+800)-5555-0008 - Philippines TTS rec, "Sorry, your call cannot be connected."

These numbers do supe, but since they're UIFNs, they're free anyway;


(+800)-0000-0131 - KPN recording via Nortel PBX. Listens for DTMF.
(+800)-0000-0164 - Telecom New Zealand test UIFN recording, forwards to ringout to pseudo-milliwatt. Listens for DTMF, only works with MCI and Sprint CACs


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So.... if one were to use 10-10-288-0 then reached an operator, one would say the UIFN? 

(Sorry, I don't want to get charged by Ma Bell for making an international call.)


PS: If I called the Chile and UK numbers, do I pay?


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So.... if one were to use 10-10-288-0 then reached an operator, one would say the UIFN?


Nope! 101-0288-0 doesn't actually go to an operator. If you remember that 1996 AT&T PDF, you'll see a bunch of listings for OSPS. Some have since been installed - and some others have been decomissioned sometime in the mid-2000s. But it's still the same platform; it's a 5ESS with some kind of IVR adjunct. when you dial a UIFN, the IVR drops out, and the 5ESS picks up a trunk to a 4E and (from what I've been told for these types of calls) MFs the number out. But yes, it's free; that's why 101-0288-0 is reachable from payphones. It'll ask for your billing method if you try calling a normal number.


If you'd like to hear what OSPS you're terminating to, dial 011-800 and then nine digits. You'll get a very familiar sounding announcement machine.


None of the CACS charge you; even if you're blocked from the MCI CACs, UIFNs and -0 are the two things they'll still let you complete to. I don't think the 0555 CAC even lets you dial any other international calls. I totally understand your worry, though. Getting billed for casual dialed international does *not* sound fun ;) .




PS: If I called the Chile and UK numbers, do I pay?


The short answer is maybe. The long answer is you shouldn't - and if you use a decent long distance carrier, you won't. Some long distance carriers will pass the call over a shitty route that doesn't convey supervision properly, and it'll end up supervising the moment the call starts, but this usually only happens if you're using some really shady provider, or calling expensive destinations. The UK in particular is pretty safe; it's a cheap place to call.


If you're not sure, there's an easy way to tell. So far, I've seen this work on DMS-100s and 5ESSes, but it probably works on other switches too. Basically, to tell the state of answer supervision, all you have to do is make a short flash. Then it'll do one of three things;


1) Go back to dialtone

2) Ignore it

3) Give you a stutter dialtone


If it goes back to dialtone, you're probably made a dialing error or called a non-working number on your own switch. You're probably either hearing a recording or hearing ringing, and about to hear a recording.

There's two small exceptions to this; if another switch terminated the call with an SS7 cause code saying the number isn't in service and you're on a 5ESS, you'll hear a local not in service recording, but won't be able to flash over. If you're on a DMS, sometimes you'll get a stutter dialtone on local recordings, but you'll be stuck to that dialtone; there'll be no way to flash back over. All I can say is DMSes are weird.


If it ignores it, that means the call hasn't supervised (gone off-hook; charged) yet, and you're fine.


If you flash and you get a stutter dialtone, that means the call has answered/supervised. If you're casual dialing the call...well, go back and time and don't do it. Or just explain that they're charging you for a call that didn't go through/you didn't make. They'll probably just tell you to tear up the bill.

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Well.... everything went well when I recorded it to my tape recorder. (Basically, I did not get charged. AND making a domestic call with Sprint costed me a whopping $5.92 PER minute (to Missouri area code 573) plus tax (.43­¢) = $6.35)



Take a listen here if you're one of those who can't afford an ILEC. 14060802.MP3

1. Telecom Italia NIS (MCI; 0222)

2. Philippines TTS rec (MCI; 0222)

3. Swedish NIS [swedish then English] (MCI; 0222)

4. French CBCAD (MCI;0222)

5. +44-20-7707-9996 (IDT thru prepaid card; 713-366-3256)

6. +44-20-7707-9988 (IDT thru prepaid card; 713-366-3256)



14060803: AT&T Tandem is 121T in this call.

1. China Telecom NIS (Ma Bell; 0288)

2. Attempt to Telecom Malaysia failed (Ma Bell; 0288) 121T

3. Attempt to KPN recording failed (Ma Bell)

4. Telecom New Zealand test (with DMTF listening; MCI; 0222)

5. +44-20-7707-9988 (IDT thru prepaid card; 713-366-3256)

6. +44-20-7707-9997( IDT thru prepaid card; 713-366-3256)

7. +56-26-91-9999 (IDT failed; MCI; 0222) (however, it did not connect to the 'music bed') 


EDIT: Uploaded bill (scanner problems at the time this was made) to show how Sprint charges a lot for a 1 MINUTE domestic call.

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Any suggestions for testing UIFNs that ring to US from France and from the UK?

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A lot of people here are from the US, so it's hard to say for sure. But you may want to try +800-0000-0122, 0123, 0189. All the test UIFNs seem to be in that range, and those three are the ones assigned to US providers.


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