Brand New DTMf tone dialers for sale

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If theres some interest then I will obtain them .. i can get 20 ..  price is $15 each .. postage be around $5-$10 from sydney Australia .. but may be cheaper depending where you are.


if you want to order a few then I am sure we can work out a better price and postage ...


These can be used for people with antique or manual phones ,, modified into a redbox .. etc as you can see from photo they got big buttons and a redial function access  phone messages over skype.


I will include new batteries as well and test them before sending out... i will probably list them on ebay if I do decide to get the lot.


anyhow if theres some interest then message me  ..

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sorry but this is big, ugly crap

there are chinese companies that can do this way much better


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