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New download: Default Radio - Default Radio - 39

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File Name: Default Radio - 39

File Submitter: StankDawg

File Submitted: 14 Jun 2011

File Category: Default Radio

Original Release Date: 11/25/2004

Hosts: decoder, lucky225, doug

Today is Thanksgiving, this is a special treat episode. [show starts with a message from decoder on Lucky's voicemail]. decoder is doing another daily radio show with RijilV called The MindWAR. There are a number of emails. There is an article in the new issue of Wired titled "When Cell Phone Hackers Attack" by Annalee Newitz, default radio is called "Rockstars in the phreak underground". Lucky225 was misquoted in the article. The current FHM has an article in it about Defcon. "For some reason I was featured prominently in the media a while back" -- decoder. Camophone is a skecthy service that allows you to spook caller ID. Star38 now admit to using VoIP after previously denying it. Jason Jepson (original Star38 owner) had his voicemail password on default. Caller ID spoofing script using BeVocal. Doug & decoder had "backspoofing wars". Friday, November 26th is buy nothing day [uK: Saturday, November 27th]. Target will give you a free wake-up call on buy nothing day (It relies on CPN). Black Ratchet runs Yet Another Payphone List. Natas has taken over running decoder's voicemail is 1-206-984-6410 (it's laser, not K7!). "Default Radio. Easy for you to remember, hard for others to guess."

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