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Hey there

i need to shutdown my wireless router, when i finsh using it, from my computer ( how are connet to the router)

is a zyxel, im going to fund the model, but i dunno right here an now.

When i log in on it, a find the system status i get this.


System Name : B-1000v2

ZyNOS Firmware Version: V3.50(HD.0) | 08/08/2003

Routing Protocols : BRIDGE


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I've never seen a router with a 'shutdown' option, many have 'reboot' options to make changes take effect or get around memory leaks or other bad coding.

If the router is in close proximity to the computer you could use one of these fancy power-bars which kill the power when the PC is shut down:


Or you could look into X-10 (or other remote) controls to remotely pull the power from it.




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I also have a Zyxel. Via the web interface, there isn't a shutdown option. There is, however, an option to disable the access point (Wireless -> Basic Settings). What is it that you're trying to accomplish by shutting it off?

Also, check your firmware -- it looks like there is an upgrade for your model:


(Double-check, since the wrong one would be a Bad Thing.)


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