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Found 5 results

  1. Our service is guarantee & policy also guarantee refund policy within 12hours to customers We have several Hackin service listed out Summary of Services Provided: • Cheating Spouse/Infidelity • Background Verification • GPS Tracking • Clearing of unwanted record or Info online • Erase criminal record • Access to devices,computer,phone • SocialMedia (snapchat/instagram Most of this service takes -4-6hrs Drop an email on (Licensegrayhat) at gmail/telegram watAPP + 1 442 77 7 3 917
  2. HQ Leak This eBook is being sold on HackForums currently for $89.99 Don't Leech! Leechers will get reported ! Method: Hidden Content In this guide, I will show you how to make a huge amount of money (in Bitcoin) by abusing a new G2A Instant RefundMethod that is being sold on HackForums. Read this eBook first as it's a core of my method: G2A Instant Refund Exploit eBook: G2A Instant Refund Exploit allows you to get any product from completely for free. To make this method work, you will need some Bitcoin(because you will have to send a payment for these products, which will be returned to your wallet instantly after making a purchase - this is how this exploit works, but I won’t describe too much here,as everything is described in that eBook.) Many people are using this method just to get free games from G2A, when the best thing to do is to purchase Steam Giftcards instead. Steam Giftcards can be easily sold for Bitcoin on for example. You can’t use VPN - because otherwise g2a won’t allow you to create an order. If we count the time for your Bitcoin transactions to get confirmations and the time you have to wait to create a new order, it's easy to calculate how much can you make daily with this method. So if you can’t change your IP every order, you can use it like 7-8 times per day. 7 * 5 products * 100 $ Giftcard = 3500$ So now you have Steam Giftcards worth $3500. Now what you need to do, is go to And sell your giftcards for real money. As you can see, for $100 Steam Giftcard, you will get $62.5 BTC. So if you buy $500 worth of Steam Giftcards, 7 times per day with G2A Instant Refund exploit, you can make ~$2200 BTC. Of course you can go for smaller amounts if you are scared that your BTC won’t be refunded or something, but so far I haven’t experienced any issues. Here’s a link to 50 EUR Steam Wallet Giftcard: and the $100 one Some people are using this method to purchase Amazon giftcards, but there is one problem with Amazon - if g2a contacts them and say that these giftcards were stolen (by using exploit), they can remove your balance from your Amazon account and cancel your pending orders. If you purchase steam giftcards and sell them for Bitcoin on, there is nothing g2a or paxful can do.
  3. A Company of highly experienced hackers specialising in providing services such as but not limited to : – Full mobile phone monitoring – IM hacks esp Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Whatsapp, Line, Skype, Snapchat – Retrieval of email password such as Gmail . Yahoo,instagram, – Upgrade University Grades – Removal of any unwanted online pictures – Remove Criminal Record ( depending on circumstances) – Apps hacking – Hack bank accounts – Also gaining access to MasterCard, Paypal, Bitcoin, WU, Money Gram with untraceale credit on it etc. We do custom software and web development in php, java, etc. We are professionals and will discuss and agree the cost and Time ,depending on job scope you can contact us at: (huonghacker5 (at)g~mail dot com) SMS/Text & Whatsapp: +1 917-300-8575 skype: live:digitalhackinc
  4. trojan

    Okay so I'm new to this but I find it fascinating and I'd love to aim to be a grey-hat hacker and I'm intrigued as to what Sub7 really is, what a Trojan is and does, if it's worth looking into and how to get hold of it?
  5. Hi, I have just purchased a copy of the dvd repair manual for the audi a4 s4 2002-2008 from It comes with two serial numbers. It says all the information is encrypted. File formats are .ebn and .ebx. If possible I would like to decrypt all the files and create pdfs of everything to share with everyone. The most annoying thing about all the drm protection is I cant just open the manuals on windows 7 even though youve just payed $100 for the manual! It is a hugely convaluted process to open them (virtual machines excetera). If anyone is keen to point me in the right direction I would be keen to give it a go or if someone else would like to have a go I can send them the encrypted files ect. I would like to see these manuals available on torrents soon!