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  1. I just got a 30 gig video iPod. Does anyone know how to put movies on it?? yellog BTW:The thing is incredibly clear.
  2. would a mirowave work?
  3. Just to let you know, ^^that made it sound like you were gonna sell your fucked up "shitpod". And ive never been to the binrev irc, i usually hang out in invite only channels. And about being a n00b, i never claim not to be one. Because in retrospect, arent we all a little bit n00bish at times?? So stfu you cunt. yellog 2.0
  4. You didnt SE shit. And dont try to pawn off your fucked up Ipod on Ebay as new...that would make you a fuckass. And as for the other crap. What the fuck are you rubbing in our faces??? *oh i found some old useless shit, im gonna brag about the old useless shit i found and make myself look like a fucking n00b* And stop hanging out with your mom, that is social suicide!! Im done. :monk: :jawa: :monk:
  5. Whats Mplayer?
  6. Yeah, i would buy a IPOD if i had the money. Or could justify buying one. And as for linux. I do appriciate it alot. But im using Windows for some odd reason. I dont know why. HAHAHA. Thanks d00ds...well to the ones that were helpful. y e l l o g
  7. will i lose my 15 gb of music?
  8. Okay so i have a dilemma. My computer stopped playing music from my media player. But it will play music from websites so i know its not my sound card. All i hear when i press play for WMP is static. Does anyone have a clue whats going on? Thanks y e l l o g
  9. Dont forget bout Microsoft.
  10. Whatever works. But no, not end the internet. Cuz then BinRev would be gone. WHAT WOULD WE DO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! g 2.0
  11. All of them at my Best Buy are dummies, except for two, but they had no battery in them. It was kind of retarded. g 2.0
  12. You know if we are so hated and thats not gonna change. Why dont we give them something to actually hate us for??? g 2.0
  13. You have a double headed dildo just lying around??? g 2.0
  14. You should definately strike back man. I mean you should punish a person if they are too ignorant to not use a proxy.
  15. that must be where I got the salami sandwich. See I couldn't find my smokes or my phone this morning so I went outside to look for em. From the street was trail of stuf, a couple beers, my phone, a burger king wrapper, my smokes, and eventually a hafl eaten salami sandwich laying in the spot where I passed out. Holy Shit maybe you should get a batman belt and put all your shit on that. It would be "cool" looking. g 2.0