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  1. is the legit porn tracker. (obviously NSFW) not sure if that is what you were looking for but it sounds like it
  2. thank you everyone for all the info this will surely help. Looks like i got some reading to do.
  3. im looking to set up an ftp server on an old antique dell. Im not really planning to do anything big with it (just maybe store some text files at first). I really don't know how to go about it though. I can install debian on the machine but im not sure where to go from there.
  4. Personally I would rather start basic and install the programs and services i need/want instead of looking up every single service that runs disable it and then uninstall that package. It just seems to take less time to get the system I want IMO
  5. yes but why have software I don't need? It is just wasting space. I am the kind of person who likes to start from the ground up not the otherway around. Anyway to each his own i guess.
  6. I took pharohs suggestion and did a minimal net debian install. When I said ubuntu was slow what I ment was it was bloated, and just had a bunch of stuff i didnot need. I am giving fluxbox and openbox a try for my window managers ATM but if they dont work out i will go to KDE. Thx for the help guys.
  7. if you partition your disk correctly you will be fine. I like to use parted magic to partition my disk. It is actually a live linux distro in itself and has an easy GUI to help partition and organize your disk. if you are just starting linux i would recommend ubuntu. It is a solid distro that served me well mainly because it gives minimal head aches if any. It seems that it is a good place to start for most because it is more newbie friendly.
  8. I have used ubuntu for the longest time and I am just ready to move on. Ubuntu just seems bloated and slow to me. I did try debian but it came pre-installed with a bunch of apps. Maybe possibly I selected to install some unneeded options (I will give it another shot and post back here) I really wanted to to try arch but it just simply would not work with my NIC. tried for weeks on arch forums but did not work. I just want something stable, fast, and efficient. I don't need all of the eye candy or the bleeding edge of software. I just want something that works and that doesn't give me a bunch of stuff I don't want or need, but I want enough where I don't have to be at the terminal for two weeks. pretty much the philosophy of Arch sorry if this is kind of vague and/or a common question, but I have to ask somewhere right?
  9. it would seem that way too me, but then again you would have to assume google would have thought of this and have something in place.
  10. Would you really want to use an OS modified by someone you don't know? I was a bit skeptical myself too but I really don't do that much on windows anyway except game and my comp sci HW, And i got the .iso from a friend (he did not make it) who has been using it for years. Not that, it proves anything.
  11. windows XP pro performance edition Feb 2008 is the best version of the windows OS you can get. I would recommend that its only just over 200MB and it requires no activation.
  12. this project really interest me. why not write a C++ program to loop through all the computers and just use the system() function to pass the command?
  13. My first guess was also overheating. you can use other programs to find the temp. I use a hacked version of everest. Im not sure if they still offer a free version. One more question is it only with a specific game? I ask because I too own a ATI (AIW X800XT) and it does not like UT3s map editor at all.