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  1. You nubs now can start to see my pow3r! :punk: :spawn1: BOOM MOTHERFUCKA! :spawn1:
  2. You should offer the Irongeek.com Thong to attach the ladies... Chicks dig guys who review hardware based keyloggers http://www.binrev.com/forums/index.php?sho...mp;hl=cafepress glad someone enjoyed it wtf r u talkin about? you're a fuckin n00b.
  3. he said 69!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. domain dreds almost always are the same as local ones. makes life 2 easy for admins. not creds but passwords i shuld say. get the local password i bet the pushed tht shit down with patchlink or some to match the domain one. stupid people stupid idea to bad no one thinks like me securely 24 7
  5. there are no network accounts unless you mean domain accounts. either way local admin password is all you need. you can just map to drives manually and shit using those creds and look around from there.
  6. i can there is some serous hacking going on at binrev but 50 ft woman reminds of the joke where the black says find the keys to my cadilac and we can drive out!
  7. People are sheep or sheeple, not sheple like you wrote in the other thread. You can use multiple mice or mouses for all I care. You are the one who seems to care about spelling enough to bitch. To bad you misspelled multiple too.
  8. Woz Condor and Crunch a boy in a mans body a man with a boys ssn and a man with boy love. Ohhhhhh the things they can teach you!!!!!!!!!!!11
  9. Your running windows I take it? Or perhaps mac? Edit: What has an h and Debian is a noun, grammar is your friend. Says the guy who called people sheple, and talked about mutiple mice. That's only the past hour or so too. (Better composition in that sentence wouldn't you agree?)
  10. wuts debian?
  11. Yo use a redbox ro whatever. Free calls!
  12. editrd
  13. Im in ur buttcheeks steelin ur dignity! Really I meant what I said. that is bullshit and you should just knock that network around like ali.
  14. for real, this show is pretty ok. i like the tecnical stuff and whatever. but you guys need to get some bitches or something.
  15. yo thats all some funny shit. i love to fuck with people and sutff when they r on the computer. This one time, I totally hacked this kid in our computer lab at work and I was like, typing shit on his screen and stuff. it was totally cool.
  16. that shit is lame. I'd totally be hackin that shit.