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  1. I found this googling for a service manual it may help. Remove laptop battery, power supply and BIOS battery Plug in the power cable turn on laptop you should find the BIOS is reset
  2. From what I know MOST (not all) departments Ive seen run winXP pro running a CAD (Computer Aided Dispatching) program and use the 700 mhz radio range over a VPN. Departments that can run plates from their in car computers are doing so through the VPN which is accesses the state server the same way the computer in the dispatch center can.
  3. Yup why go through that process? The computer either has to be on, in sleep mode or just recently turned off to work. If the computer is already on and you're past the encryption passkey and login screen then all you have to do is copy the hard drive and then run the other forensic processes and not have to worry about data encryption of the hard drive. So why do that and risk losing what you need when you are already past what that video is trying to accomplish? When doing forensics on a computer you need to get all the information you need from the computer you're working on without altering it or damaging it. This is why forensics are done on live machines. Yes forensics can be done on systems that have been shutdown but you gain more information during an investigation from a live system then you could from one thats been shut down. So yes it is stupid to not run forensics on live system.
  4. It would be incredibly dumb to not do a live scan and copy of a computer. One if you shut it down you lose all data you can obtain from RAM and any live connections going at the time. Also if the hard drive is encrypted you'll never be able to get access to that hard drive again if you shut it down and I very much doubt you'll get the password from your suspect.
  5. Need to be root to run kismet so it can put your WiFi card into Monitor mode.
  6. I recently installed Ubuntu on my laptop and tried out the driver. It doesn't give anywhere near the performance the card is capable of. I opted to go with the ndiswrapper option which worked out much better.
  7. Did you check to see if BIOS reconized all your hard drivers after you enabled your controller in it?
  8. I was wondering how long it would take someone to figure that one out
  9. It seemed like somethign was missing from this issue. Who else got black ink on their fingers?
  10. I'm not sure what the number is intended for but I was able to decode the DTMF this morning for 800 513 0018. The nubers being read off are in the DTMF. There are a few extra numbers in between the #'s and after at the end that are not read off. I've included the audio recording I made and what I got out of the DTMF. 923#33#7113061853#1000
  11. My friend was talking with me the other day and mentioned that MIT had courses that you could take online. They don't go towards earning a degree or anything else but only to further your knowledge. Here's a link to the Electrical Engineering and Computer Science Courses. There are some great courses for everyone on here. Enjoy!
  12. No problem, thought some of the courses could be handy for everyone