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  1. i found this form an article i was reading in Hackin9 magazine. it sounded really cool so i thought id see what you guys thought. its a Man in the middle attack for the OSCAR protocol for AIM Aimject ------------ Description Aimject facilitates man-in-the-middle attacks against AOL Instant Messenger's OSCAR protocol via a simple GTK interface. Features * sign-on/off detection * message interception/decoding * message injection into arbitrary conversations o synchronization of AIM sequence numbers and fnac ids o cloning of font styles/screenname formatting to avoid detection * selective muting of conversation participants * session statistics * integrated ARP/DNS spoofing heres the link to the page---> i think its pretty fuckin sweet however.... i CANT GET IT TO COMPILE UNDER UBUNTU 7.04!!! if anyone can get it working plz help.
  2. sorry guys didnt want to get railed in the ass by the company themselves. i took the show off the homepage....
  3. Problem solved! Thanks! I successfully booted into the Ubuntu 7.04 LiveCD today. I'm going to use partition magic and install it tomorrow. With XGL and Beryl running, do you think I could have Windows XP or OSX (or both) in VMWare and still have good system performance? I have 2 Gigs of ram, I could get more if needed but I'm just curious. I've heard that most Linux systems use very low system resources. If that's the case, and XGL/Beryl don't slow it down much I'd like to have multiple operating systems running all at once ontop of ubuntu. most defintly. i only have 1 gig of ram and run WinXP pro in VMware no problem. when i have my winxp fullscreened i cant even tell that im running it in a VM because it runs so quick. im actually quite impressed by how fast it really runs. beryl doesnt seem to slow it down much at all. what kind of processor(s) are u running?
  4. which version of ubuntu are u trying to install. i noticed that the beta of 7.10 (Feisty Fawn) has more support for video drivers. i couldnt get any other version to boot the live cd on my Nvidia 6800 GTX. but 7.10 did it just fine. so you might want to try that out. good luck
  5. new episode of CmdRadio is released today. we dedicated this whole episode to socail engineering. we even did some live calls right on the show. we bleeped out the important information to protect peoples privacy and to release us from liability. but check it out. everyone loves social engineering. so take a look. Feed is up:
  6. New Episode Released: 4/2/07. check it out at:
  7. ATTN: The feed is now working. you can subscribe at Another Episode was released yesterday. enjoy
  8. i like using backtrack 2 as my main os. when u go to install it off the live CD just just the full 2.7gb install instead of the 700mb it will unpack all sorts of great shit. it comes with skype and just about everything u could possibly need. the onyl problem that im having with it is with the sound. whenevver i play an mp3 or something its choppy as hell but i dont see any reason not to use it as ur primary os.