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  1. Sorry mate, I got a new job and had to work out with my partner some stuff. If you want, you cna use the .com as your aux. Ciao
  2. Even though it took a long time http://www.whiteswordtv.com Edit: It may be down for a bit when I change the nameservers. (Removes the ads BTW)
  3. A new episode with host UT Crazy. Comments are always welcome at radio@nextboxradio.com Notes: Almost getting hit by a car, women drivers, Xbox 360 New GTA game, Hackermedia comments and more! Download: *Low-Res* *Hi-Res* Enjoy!
  4. Hello check it out --edited by droops-- no spamming the forum --end o'edit-- of our new hosting company. This is the temp site for the company. Please try it out or fi you know a friend in need of hosting, spread the news. Thanks
  5. Untitled Radio? I must have missed 1,2,3, and 4.
  6. I'll send you an email when it's all set. I'll get you whatever email forwards/mailboxes, subdomains ect. you might need. -UT Crazy
  7. I guess I should of said something earlier but I registered you at domain name at www.whiteswordtv.com, but as you can see ti dosen't work right now. It's in the pending stages. Just a little proof (Zooming in clears picture) Anyways I wont be hurt if you don't want to use that domain once it clears. I was planning on getting you the domain a bit sooner but I had a little dispute with the company I used. Thanks
  8. Radio Freek America! It's an old show but still should be on there.
  9. Quite a controversial zine I must say. Hopefully the Endif zine may go better should we get around to doing it. But of course it will take us longer because we are planning on writing our own articles. Don't be hatin -UT
  10. Hehe
  11. It's always good to have a few mirrors of your episodes.
  12. "If it aint broken, don't fix it" may be the simple answer to the question. Obviously if your having errors witht he cards it might be wise. If the cards are old and outdated, again might be wise. But if your just replaceing it for the sake of replacing it (havin a new one) there really is no point. For example I want a new Xbox Live headset. I dont however need one because the one I have isnt broken or outdated. I just want a new headset. S0 in my estimation, you probably wont see a difference so it's a waste of money.
  13. Yeah Lvinided was great, the episode was a bit of a rush at the beginning but it ended turning out great.
  14. Yeha clan templates *pimp pimp* www.clantemplates.com. Why change the title image? It should be all updated now.
  15. I'd like to do it again. I don't have anything in particular now but I'll redit with ideas. -UT