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  1. yes we will have the other 2 episodes put back up once we got the feed set up properly. this will be done in the next 2 days. we will provide the new feed URL and the new forum URL once that gets set up. but as of right now the only thing i could do is email them
  2. were working on an actual webpage but its not even clost to being complete yet so i have the domain temporarily redirect to the forum. once the actual site is up i will be a link to the forum instead of the way i have it now. so i guess for now i will redirect to the blog and put a link to the forum. ive just been real busy lately and havent had much time to work on it. but things are slowing down now, so i will have more time to work on it. thanks for the pointers.
  3. theres a feed at i forgot to mention that. ps-pls dont be to harsh if u have any comments about the show as we are new to this and will grow with experience. we are open to all suggestions, so please if u have any we will gladly accept it as we would like to make the show as good as we possibly can.
  4. ok i brightened the text, hope that makes it easier to read. keep checkn back at the site. its only been up for a week so i know theres quite a lack of content which is why i would like to see people join. im puttin up pics of the Wiikey modchip that finally shipped if anyones interested in how it works and have doubts that it works. ill also be putting up vids of it working.
  5. great. thanks for the support and ill defintly change the skin. as i can see why it is hard to read.
  6. Hello, First off i just wanted to say how awesome binary revolution is. i listen to it all the time. its great to see how you dedicate time to help spreading the word on a variety of topics. lookin forward to the next episode. but anyway, I wanted to contribute to helping spread the knowledge by making my own show. its called CmdRadio. the forum is at , yes i know theres like nothing there but thats cause its only been there for a week. CmdRadio is a weekly show discussing the latest in Technology,Mods,Laws,Privacy,Hacking,Phreaking and other topics of interest. if you are interested please visit us at we are open to PLENTY of suggestions / questions, so feel free to email us at: i hope that ppl join the forum and start up some interesting topics as we are always willing to leanr and to teach. ~Bill (CmdRadio)