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  1. Thank you
  2. Enigma and I have recently started a new show. I'm extremely interested in improving the show, but specifically I'd like to know exactly what we're doing wrong. If you have a moment, please take a listen and offer suggestions. I'll take anything you say very seriously
  3. Most of this guys passwords where 123NONE... I'd believe it
  4. That happens to me all the time, and it always rubs me the wrong way.
  5. Ehh, I lost interest. I'm only nice to a point. By the way, you should follow me on twitter (I'm pimping twitter like crazy lately... idk why)
  6. I bough this rolodex at a thrift store (for 99 cents) and the previous owner wrote down all his login credential inside. Theres a bunch of shots on my blog (Drake Anubis' Blog) but these are a couple really good ones. You know, I contacted the guy too, and he --rather his assistant-- completely shrugged me off.
  7. No, because it's not completely based on local time, it's part of the Windows Activation Mechanism. Now I suppose that if you set your BIOS clock back and disconnected your machine from the internet, it would run. But seriously, I'm upset enough when the internet connection in my car stops working... I don't know what I would do with a disconnected windows box.
  8. Actually, I'm getting a Floppy with a flashing quesiton mark error now, on boot up. I'm not sure how to fix it. Anyone have expierence with Maciontosh SE(s)?
  9. I suddenly have an old Macintosh SE. And I thought it would be fun to replace the hard drive with an SD card, but I'm not sure if it would work. I think it's a SCSI harddrive (like 20mb) and they probably make SD adapters for it. But I don't know if it's possible for the operating system to use the new space. Any thoughts?
  10. Well, fortunately I have a friend in the aerospace industry, and I could actually achieve "perfect" balance out to 7-12 decimal places. However I don't think you need perfect balance, in fact you could be off balance, even significantly, and the effect would still work... it would just break down fairly quickly. Now I could be wrong about this, and I'd have to check, but I believe in this case stability is proportional to momentum. I think you can demonstrate this effect by tying a small object (keys, pen, coin) to a string and twirling it around with your hand. As it gets up to speed your hand motions get tighter and it becomes fairly stable.
  11. The hat idea is neat, but it needs to be at least 18 inches away for your eyes to focus comfortably on it. Unless you wanted to do something that was only like 3-5 inches away and very small. Sort of like a Heads Up Display so you could just glance up and see information.
  12. I don't believe you would need 4 arms, let alone 2. If you get the single arm moving at sufficient speed (which shouldn't be difficult, the human eye can't detect anything major over 60-110 frames per second anyway) then it works in all directions. Because it's moving at a constant speed around a circle, if it works in one direction, it will work in all directions. Yay Circles
  13. You don't need safety, it needs to be light to hit an applicable speed. Something like light grade pvc won't hurt no matter how fast its going... Well, maybe if you shot it out of a gun or something
  14. What about power?
  15. I saw a demonstration of a very large Spinning LED display. The type of display that spins a bar of LEDs fast enough that the bar "disappears" and only the floating LED message remains. From my understanding these are simple to make (you see a ton of them on MAKE), wouldn't it be simple to just inverse the entire thing? Ff the bar revolved around the viewer it would, or at least should, create a surround image. I mocked this up in Visio while making waffles. The only problems I saw where: You need to over come centripetal force (either with a brace or by spacing the LEDs accordingly) Antiquate speed is slightly challenging (although as long as you keep it as light as possible and weight it correctly, you should be able to whip the bar around fine) Powering and controlling the LEDs becomes difficult since direct wires can't easily traverse the spinning axis (however, you could use a small controlling computer in place of the counter balance. And there are some simple ways to run power over a spinning axis) Also, it would probably be amazing with 3D glasses. Think floating images. Any comments?