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  1. its been awhile... This is different!

  2. I believe this would still show output in a terminal. EDIT: Nevermind, that's only if the run in terminal box is selected.
  3. I forgot to mention that this only happens when someone is on the phone within a few feet of my laptop. Since you asked, it's a Broadcom chipset (technically a Dell 1390 wireless card) and I already know that it is terrible. I'm in the process of obtaining a better internal wireless card. My drivers also include a utility that lets me analyze signal strength and signal noise, so netstumbler would be redundant. The problem doesn't bother me that much since I'm in Linux more than Windows. mirrorshades, I think that your theory is quite likely. Thanks for your input guys. One last off topic thing, smokinXP: This is actually untrue, as the majority of the developers of the Linux kernel are paid in one way or another. This is the kernel which all of the other distributions are based off of. There are also commercial Linux support companies such as Canonical (Ubuntu) and Novel (SUSE).
  4. What if you sorted your media library by song name in whatever media player it is that you use? You could then delete the duplicates as they would be right next to each other. It might be tedious, but effective.
  5. This has been bothering me for a while and I haven't been able to find any satisfactory answers. My laptop's wireless card acts funny when someone uses the phone. I loose connection to the internet but not to the main network - the network just moves slower. I know, I should just try and change the wireless channel on my AP but thats not what's bothering me. This quirkiness is only when I am booted into Vista. In Ubuntu, this does not happen one bit. How can this be? Shouldn't the hardware act the same on any operating system or am I just missing something? Can the drivers be that different?
  6. I read this article a couple days ago, I found it pretty interesting as well. While many of these benchmarks show Ubuntu to be getting slower, I have not found my Ubuntu laptop to reflect any of these slow downs. Granted, I haven't done any benchmarks on it, however I've been running the newest versions of Ubuntu since my laptop was new (around the time of 7.04). I use Ubuntu because of the level of compatibility with hardware that it has, otherwise I would be using debian. I really enjoy the fact that hardware support keeps getting better; for example, my Intel HDA audio worked out of the box with the latest Ubuntu release - which was awesome. Also, my Broadcom wireless card was much easier to get working in the newest release. I think all of these things are worth some slowdowns, except for in extreme cases like the 50% slower MP3 encoding test.
  7. Running my own dns server is not an option for me, however, I will try your other suggestions later. Thanks
  8. I never did figure that problem out. From what I could figure out, it was either my home router or my ISP that did not support IPv6 which caused the program to hang. The documentation on how to disable IPv6 totally in NetBSD also did not work on my machine. I have since decided to try out a different flavor of BSD when I get a chance. I am leaning towards OpenBSD but am keeping an open mind. Mostly I just want to learn about the differences between BSD and teach myself the skills necessary to run it on a production system rather than simply toy around with it.
  9. Until you posted that I never noticed it. I just checked mine though and the connector does have a small gap in it. Also, it does jiggle a little bit but that too was something that I hadn't noticed until mentioned. I believe it is perfectly normal and nothing to worry about.
  10. there are pci wifi cards that you can connect to your computer just like any other expansion card
  11. Just found this today. I remembered that a number of people have said that they keep the python for windows installer on their flash drive, in more than one thread. So here it is: I also have switchblade installed on one of my other drives
  12. I've had this installed on Vista for a while actually, and had no problems with getting it working. I really haven't used it too much, but most things that I have used work as expected. The one thing that didn't work was the mac address editor, it would throw a .NET error every time I tried it.
  13. For your question about secure file deletion with random data this can do just that, and much more.
  14. Can anyone help me out with this? I would really like to learn about this, and the documentation provided does not thoroughly explain the pkgsrc configuration process and does not explain this error. Any searching that I've done has only produced others asking the same question, but there are never any answers.
  15. There was an article in MaximumPC Magazine a few months ago that showed how to use an old PDA as an external mini monitor. They only used a program called SideWindow and the PDA's docking station. It's possible that your Palm might be capable of this. This is the online version of the article: You'll want to take a look at page 5.