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  1. When you let other people drive your car, they crash it. Somewhere on dirt roads, lost control and drive offroad, into dirt wall and trees. Destroyed by family member. At least good that Ford knows how to make safe cars. People inside unharmed . Electronics saved by now. Seems to be working, I need some additional door speakers, but other things are OK.
  2. Project is not dead. But on hold. Car is destroyed, I think all of the electronics are in working order, haven´t tested yet. Only hard disk drive in car does not run anymore. I will keep everything, for next car. This one is going to be sold for parts, no point of restoreing it. At least I can now start building the whole system up on a bench, not in a car, adding piece by piece.
  3. Actually I have But nothing very fancy. I found one quite cheap(ish) HUD, for displaying your speed and rev´s. Problem is, it shows mph not km/h. I would still prefer 2 din one, Because I have that slot, and it would look "cleaner". At the moment I have my router. Takes 3G in via USB port and USB modem, and I get out 4 RJ45-s and WiFi.
  4. Yeehaaw If I find 2DIN version of it, I´ll buy it! ( and hopefully they ship to EU )
  5. Well.. To start with, it is not going to be an easy task, to make it all work, and it´ll take some time as well. To switch power, I was planning to use a PC controlled relays, which have an HW override function, for mayor things. Or maybe just use micro processor to communicate with pc. Car PC should have options to control almost everythink, and maybe digital modes for radio. So a lot of coding, and custom HW mods there as well.. I don´t need much CPU power, because I can always wire up my laptop to 220V and connect it to Wifi. Power is the most biggest issue at the moment. My ford´s alternator is too weak for the sound system installed at the moment, even, when listening modestly. Main battery is 55Ah. Idea was to run control systems off from main battery, and some essential things, radio, GPS, scanner.. And also install 2x 80Ah ( or some big batteries, like in BMW-s ). I can also consider a charging socket But then again, I shouldn´t use standard car batteryes. And install more powerful alternator. Even when I don´t have all the equipment at once, I think i should also install a lot of wireing, and think everything through. Takeing the interior and dash apart to install Radios/sound system was a nigthmare.. Also power brings me 2 big(ish) problems as well.. I probably have to sacrifice most of my boot space for power circuits and batteries. 1/3 of it is already full of sub-woofers and amplifiers.. 1.6 Litre petrol engine migth be sort of... weak.. When all that extra weight is added up.. especially auxiliary batteries. ( But there is quite easy way to replace the engine with a 2.0 one.. ) I still want it to remain a usable 4 seater. So it must accelerate faster than 3 days. And most important thing i have learned. Test everything at bench, for everything. Radio-interference was immense, when I connected my GPS charger.. After that I spent 2 weeks worth of nigths to make filters and re-testing all my power supplies. And electric windows still buzz in to the CB radio.. For LCD screen.. I think I want to use some kind of a rack, that i can pull out from glove box. I think GPS, 7 inch Media and 10" PC screen would be too much to display. All 3 back windows are tinted. Don´t know how well it is going to work, But i want to hide some ( Wifi, GPS .. ) antennas behind the window.
  6. For about 500US you can get 2 way alarm system here. Which functions up to 1km. Pay 20$ extra and you´ll get a remote starter as well. And it is also safe, you can start the car, but can´t drive away unless the remote is very close. I think there was an optional extra as well, for the cell phone. Also, I am thinking about replacing my current one with that, since all that technology in that car may catch some attention. ( Or tint all the windows )
  7. Hello! I want to share one project with you, I am not going to make it overnigth, but I´ve set a deadline for the end of this summer, depends on how much money i have, but I am definately going to build it. Not a fancy car, just a ford, but some ideas what to implement. # Premium quality sound system ( DONE! ) # DVD / TV (DVB-T) Screens # Cameras, 1 backing ( useful for hooking up a trailer or any other precision maneuvering ) and one recording camera installed near rear view mirror, to record traffic situations. # Navigation system. ( Stand alone, from audio ) With full EU maps, and if I get some output from GPS unit, then servo controlled license plates for speed cameras ( Illegal to use, but not to have.. ) # Thinking of radar detectors as well, but they are illegal, even when offline. # 7-10" Touch screen car computer, with costum interface, also communicating with GPS, and Audio. # Full connectivity over cable/BT with iPod, phone etc.. # Full internet connectivity, "KÕU" 450MHz CDMA, 3.5G/EDGE/GPRS, Wifi. Also option, to use whatever internet I have and set up an AP to share it # Radio systems. CB radio, dual band amateur radio and a wide band scanner. # Small things, like 220 volts etc. At the moment I have CB and Amateur radios, GPS unit I have to probably replace, 220V, audio systems And laptop on back seat + 3g modem for internet Also, for antennas, it will be a forest on the roof.. CB antenna, Dual band antenna, something for scanner ( probably wire antenna under windshield ) 2x DVB-T antennas, GPS antenna, 2x Wifi antennas, 450MHz Antenna, GSM Antenna.. If you have any thoughs, or ideas, what I missed on that list, shoot!
  8. Update. Gigabyte mother board with P45 chipset C2D E5200 ( upgrading to quad in few months, maybe ) 2x 2gb RAM 9500GT Hard disks and sound card are same as before. Not it plays fine with all the players that failed before Even with VLC.
  9. I don´t remamber the exact location, but about 5000km on 40 meters, with 100 watts and low inv. V If i got the call correctly
  10. Since i couln´t afford a full upgrade for 2 months. I grabbed a 9500GT, to see, if something gets better. Only 3D mark 2006 score went from ~2000 to ~5000 HD video plays as slowly as before. And when i have that card installed it kills my soundcard ( Maudio 2496 ) Windows / linux doesn´t recognize it anymore. MB is DFI SLI DR. Power shouldn´t be a problem. this card only drains 50 watts AFAIK, and i have a decent Fortron PSU. edit: sound card works in second PCI slot.
  11. Ok, full upgrade coming then probably. I thought same that GS video card is the weakest part. I Bought it mainly to get some silence ( passive cooling ftw ! ). btw amd x2 3800+ is 2Ghz per core
  12. Hi! I have been messing around with HD video playback. some notices, small files / 10min cartoons / eg. elephants dream and BigBuckBunny play smooth. But when it comes to large files they don´t play, or they keep skipping frames/lagging all the time. Small files: full movie in .ts or .mkv (matroška) container. Mostly tried to get these working with VLC, but tried other players as well, eg media playyer classic and some random ones that came up from the internet. VLC skipped most of the frames of 2 mkv files, and didn´t playd .ts files at all. Media player classic played them both, but FPS was belove normal ( 16-22) Video codecs were installed, Only player that worked fine was FantasyDVD Player. Commercial software. What else to try? If commecrial software can play it back, then some free options should do it also.. Or i should just get a better computer for playing blu-ray/1080 movies (n) Specs: AMD X2 3800+ 1gb ram Windows Vista ( don´t ask), linux dualboot exists also. nvidia 7600gs
  13. SDR

    Hi! What do you think of SDR radios and kits ? I know that Flexradio and maybe some others are selling high-end ( and expensive ) SDR based radios, so it is not an option. Also from you can order Softrock RxTx kit. So maybe building SDR based on that. Then i would have to build ~20-30W PA stage. But base KIT is quite cheap.. Or go with Rx only ? :S I have no former experience with SDR ( except playing with SDR_IQ) so i have no idea which one to get. Building one from a scratch is not an option due to lack of time. Maybe someone here has played with cheap SDR solutions.. Actually, Tx does not even matter for me. Most important thing is to get wide reception ( 96KHz )
  14. Dont know if this topic should go to "OFF topic". But maybe it is fine in here. So, post pics of your HAM radio setups
  15. Got my 70Mhz antenna up and running on holidays. ( man on the picture is not me ) 20Watts FM only @4 meters, 20years old motorola micro reprogrammed, and made computer-controllable.