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  1. Which is why I used your screenshot, rather then making one myself!
  2. ntheory also found this beauty:
  3. Whoa! Hey! Look! My account still works! This is why you have a QA period, kids: Obama/Biden! We have a plan! (Well... kinda...)
  4. Oh shit. OpenVPN has become self aware and is spamming its logs to forums. We're doom... %$@@@##%$^&U&^&&&&& NO CARRIER
  5. In old NET&T territory, #5ESSs are equipped with a ringback that has a touch tone test. It's really old. Really, really old, they talk about it on one of the Evan Doorbell Tapes (052 Conference). It has 3 tests. All are accessible when you hear the dial tone after it connects. A. 10 digit keypad - Dial 1234567890 B. 12 digit keypad - Dial 4123456789*0# C. 16 digit keypad - Dial 5123A456B789C*0#D When dialing, the system will make sure the DTMF tones are within spec. If you pass, you'll hear two beeps, if not, you'll hear one beep after the DTMF tone that fails. Verizon had a system that understood ABCD, but I forget what it was. It wouldn't do anything besides say "Sorry... (A|B|C|D)... is not a valid option" where the letter is what you entered. I think it was their OSPS system. Royal played with this once.
  6. Personally, I blame NotTheory. (No, really, he probably took the SOAP server down) I think this will be removed until I can contact him. Thanks.
  7. You can fiddle around with voltage settings, or you can just do this: There's also a little wire that is in between the bells. It should be hooked onto a tab. Unhook it and any ATA should give enough "Jingle Juice" to make the bells ring. This was a common problem when you were far from the CO (like, in the middle of the woods near Bumfuck, MS). The wire allows the bells to ring with less amperage. I don't know what happens when you give normal power to the phone while the wire is in the position, but I guess the only "bad thing" would be the ringer being "too strong" and beating the bells up. :shrug:
  8. Hi everyone! After some months incommunicado, I've gotten numerous bug reports about people not being able to log into YAPL, and I have fixed it this morning. Now, after two server moves, and little to no updates against the codebase, I'm sure there are lots of problems that I've shoved to the side and have forgotten about. I'm opening this thread to request bug reports and feature requests. I'm also thinking about making "moderators" who can edit phones and approve submissions from "new" users. If you feel like you want to do this, send me a good reason. YAPL has been languishing and it's my own fault. I'm asking for help in reviving it. GOOOOOOO TEAM!
  9. ObRelated: Jonathan Littman wrote "The Fugitive Game" which was a cool book about KDM's years on the lamb. I don't know how "on the money" it is, but the guy was chatting on the phone with KDM whilst he was writing it... So.... :shrug: It is an interesting read.
  10. You have never sportbanned me. You are obviously biased towards people with conservative viewpoints. You sportbanner!

  11. I did some research on this and made sure I was not confusing the guy. Oddly enough this came up in another discussion I had. The admin of this site was involved in an attack on Lowe's Corporation in an attempt to steal credit card. Him and a friend penetrated the (unencrypted) WiFi of a Lowes, and stole the program that they used to charge credit cards with. The handed it off to another person who modified it for them to send all the CC#s to their rouge host on the network. The two idiots get cause because they had their cantenna on the hood of their card and they were watching their laptop inside the car. :umph: The admin sung like a canary, pinned it on the guy who modified the program for them (who scuttlebutt said was only interested in the code) and partially on his partner. Guy who modified the code was convicted to 9 years, the admin's partner 3. The admin got no jail time. I'm not saying my word is gospel, nor that this is the complete story, but I do feel the admin is shady, and I won't use his website.
  12. Listen to Default Radio. The admin of the site is a bit shady.
  13. Very cool :voteyes: People need to start understanding that you can't get paid $70000 & a pension to screw bolts in anymore. The sooner we understand this the sooner the economy will stop sucking wind.
  14. Yah, but it's written in Java... :barf:
  15. Why do you sportban on IRC?