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  1. Shit! I finally get a chance to hop back on binrev and I've missed the meeting. I won't be here over the summer, but I'll definitely check up on you guys next fall. How'd the meet-up go?
  2. I know this kick ass alternative, it starts with a P but I can't quite remember the name...
  3. Howdy all. I feel stupid asking such a question, but here goes... A friend of mine is visiting from France and brought her Inspiron 2200 with her. She has a TS-L532B DVD drive but we can't seem to get it to recognize any DVDs/CDs/whatever. I tried to change the "RĂ©gion du DVD" setting but got the following error message: Which translates along the lines of "it is impossible to update the region parameter. Make sure the content in the drive is compatible with the new region and that you have admin privis." Anyone know what to do?
  4. I hope the homeless voice mail thing will live on.
  5. I'm about to read more on your site - I love what I see so far! The style is very cool, and I'm most definitely down with the rotor phone on the cover. As for publicizing... you could always throw samples up on IRC. And why not get in touch with local werido stuff? I always peep the Harvard Lampoon for my dose of counter culture. Do you have a street team for when/if you publish? I'm sure comic book store owners would be glad to check it out. Keep us posted!
  6. Yes. Sterling's The Hacker Crackdown is the best material you're going to get. And it covers just about every angle of the game.
  7. Zal91 might still be all over that. Throw him a pm.
  8. /votedraw /votehang /votequarter
  9. what's with the profile pic? I'm not feelin' it.

  10. ^ Exactly. Just brute force it with a crowbar through the window, backdoorz exploits the car stereo, and get outta there.
  11. I've gone before, but won't get the chance this time around. I always try to hit up their big book sale. Why is MIT so super legit?
  12. There's no 'message,' just a self-appointed 'out of the box' intellectual attempting to verbally jerk it on a message board. Stick to bustin' into your jammies.
  13. edit: I actually decided to scan over Knowschtuff's post and now I'm more confused than ever. Who the hell still smokes crack before posting online? That shit's so '93.