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  1. I have a Neuros OSD that lets me play videos on my TV from over a network, and have recently decided I want to expand my setup beyond the one TV it is currently connected to. I don't want to put the time or money into building a myth backend and frontends for each TV, and I would be satisfied if playback was the same in all rooms. Remembering back to my youth and connecting the NES to the TV via a VCR that would override channel 3 with its AV-in. What I'd like to have is an in house tv channel that was playback from a computer. I could control it remotely and it would be fine for everything I want to do. My problem is that using a VCR would mean mono audio, bad video quality, and running to the basement every time I want to watch the real channel 3. My harebrained idea is to broadcast in the house on an unused cable tv channel, and install a filter so the signal doesn't go out to the whole neighborhood. The problem is that I have no idea where to find any of the hardware necessary. I figured I'd post here and see if anyone knew where I could find this kind of hardware.
  2. Thanks for clearing this up, I figured that this software was just a scam and after doing some reading about random number generation I'm sure that it is. Not that I would actually use it to cheat (there are already better ways to do that if I wanted to), I was just wondering about how predicable it could be.
  3. A few of my friends are heavily into online poker, and they have recently come across websites selling "Reverse RNGs", which claim that by collecting data from many previous hands, the software is able to predict an opponent's hand and some (if not all) of the community cards. The software is prohibitively expensive to test out, so they asked me if this is actually possible. I never thought that predicting the outcome of a random number generator would be possible. Is it possible to make predictions like this or should I just write these websites off a scam? Here is one of the websites selling this software trying to explain how it works, it sounds like fluff to me.
  4. Sorry about the bad title, I don't really know what to call it. I often use ssh X forwarding, but the problem I run into is I don't know is if there is a way to be able to run an X program remotely and disconnect in a way that the x program doesn't exit and I can bring it back when I reconnect. Is there a way to do this? I'd rather not be stuck using VNC.
  5. Its a good thing that I saw this post here as my account is renewing soon (next month?) and I almost paid it. The thing I love about dreamhost and one of the reasons I stay with them is their transparency. On their blog they wrote about exactly what happened, why it happened and what they are doing to fix it. Even if it doesn't help at all for me to know exactly what hardware failed and brought my website offline, its comforting that they have a policy of always telling you whats wrong.
  6. I just wanted to point out that my crummy dlink router that I got for $15 logs mac addresses and hostnames of every computer that gets a dhcp lease from it, its very common for routers to log this, most of the time only storing it until the dhcp lease expires.
  7. Unless the game specifically records the MAC address and sends it to the server for identification purposes, no (and even then it could probably be faked by the user). The MAC address on all the packets from the user to the server is the MAC of the router the server is connected to.
  8. If you'd like to leave the router open, then there isn't really anyway that you can prevent your traffic from getting sniffed, however you can encrypt the traffic from the computer on the wireless network to somewhere on the wired side of your network, so any traffic sniffed is encrypted. You might want to look into setting up a VPN or something to encrypt the traffic.
  9. I don't know if the p2p nature of Hamachi will be able to keep the latency to your computers low enough for you to be able to connect remotely and get anything done without going nuts. You should use port forwarding on your router.
  10. Its not warez if you own a legit copy of gta:vc. The gta mods are usually just a few files that replace some of the resource files in a legit intsall. There are actually some very impressive mods for the gta games (one even makes it multiplayer).cr250 have you checked GTAForums.com? I haven't modded gta in years but I remember that as being a great resource and I'm sure the members there can point you in the right direction.
  11. Thanks for the links, I couldn't remember what that was called.
  12. A good cash making trick on your friends part, making people pay to spoof the sender of their email (I was doing this back in 10th grade and thought it was kinda trivial). However, IIRC some email servers are tossing out email unless it originated form the official mail server for that domain to cut down on spoofed-source messages which are most likely spamvertizements or phishing lures (I don't recall exactly how this works, but I'm sure if mcgrewsecurity shows up in this thread he will school us all).
  13. Why go to the trouble of replying to a post over two years old? :voteno: To advertise for his own website.
  14. There are firefox extensions that will do give you a link to the video that the flash player plays, but I think that it only works on a handful of websites (youtube etc...). Packet sniffing works well for me, I use wireshark. You only have to capture from before you click the link to open the player until the video starts to load. Then click the "Protocol" column header, scroll down to the HTTP section and look for a line that has something similar to this in the 'Info" column. GET /ItemFiles/%5BFrom%20www.metacafe.com%5D%20530084.3600517.11.flv HTTP/1.1 What we are looking for is the line that fits the pattern "GET [anything].flv HTTP/1.1". .flv is the extention for flash video (I think) and what most of the flash based players I've encountered play. Right click and choose "Follow TCP stream" and you'll see the HTTP headers (followed by the transfered data but you can ignore that, what we are looking for is in the headers). In this case, the first two lines are: So, the location of the video is: lln-videos.metacafe.com/ItemFiles/%5BFrom%20www.metacafe.com%5D%20530084.3600517.11.flv I hope that this helps. If my explanation sucked let me know.
  15. They do not ID, and only take cash.