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  1. dan didn't make securus killer...

  2. Dont know if I'll ever see you again but thanks for securus Killer :D

  3. U have been Banned!


  4. y am i banned?

  5. y am i banned what did i do the message i got said if i dont stop saying random things nd i stopeed?

  6. kl
  7. kl
  8. lol thats stupid
  9. yay u r the only one thats visited my profile

  10. hi again
  11. hi
  12. hi i got to school and got securus killer of my h: drive this is it i have put it on my schools c: drive and made a link to it hope you find this helpful securus_kiler.zip
  13. we have that at or school but together we have made a program called securis killer, but we haveput it on the c drive (secretly) but all i have is a link so, i will get it off the c drive and post it after holidays. :voteyes: