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  1. I use cooliris. It's great for doing research or anything where you just want to skim a linked to page quickly. You can set it (in your add on/extensions preferences) so that you have to click on the icon to open a window.


  2. Interesting. I would have thought that Debian would have been more popular than Fedora.

    I can see that. There are a lot of governmental bodies around the world that use Linux (and really, doesn't that make sense?) and Fedora is probably better suited to their overall needs/maintenance requirements. I'm more confused about Finland, you'd think they would have more usage in general. Very interesting indeed.


  3. ... but here's where it gets tricky; Is is really Stealing/Pirating if I am merely replacing something that I already purchased (only a few months ago)?

    This issue was explored somewhat a while ago on an hpr episode: copyfight vol. 1

    Only you can decide if its right or wrong, for you. It's been my experience though that if you think youre doing something wrong, regardless if it actually is or not, you're going to have to deal with the guilt, regret, etc. anyhow :(


  4. IANAL and this is only what I would do if it were me....

    I would consider seeking a lawyer or paralegal in this matter. For no other reason than the unsettling idea that an organization so unscrupulous, with access to sensitive information, has accused you of offenses for reasons unknown. This whole scenario sounds fishy and I would certainly do what I could to cover my ass if it were me. By slandering you to other workers they have committed defamation of character, which is a tort that you can sue for. At the very least, I would make a sworn (before a justice of the peace, notary public, or the equivalent where you live) affidavit stating that you are aware of the situation at this time and that you deny the accusations made. This should only cost around $50. Try to be as specific as possible as they have probably made an entry on your personnel file with their version of the "facts". Good luck :)


  5. "Switzerland is designed to detect the modification or injection of packets of data traveling over IP networks, including those introduced by anti-P2P tools from Sandvine (widely believed to be used by Comcast to interfere with BitTorrent uploads) and AudibleMagic, advertising injection systems like FairEagle, censorship systems like the Great Firewall of China, and other systems that we don't know about yet."



  6. Gawd that would be awesome! :) There's obviously a need for basic linux tutorials and the only reliable things out there for step by steps, that I know of, is a sort of blog mishmash over at Planet lugradio (and that is most definitely not easy to sort through for specific stuff) and various forum posts. A wiki would seem to be your best option. I can see the benefit of keeping your stuff fairly basic and, if you'd like, you can separate articles intended to be part of the project from the rest of the stuff over at docdroppers through the use of categories. Again, it sounds like a great idea :)


  7. Maybe I'm missing the point here, but wouldn't using a live cd or pendrive circumvent it?

    I'm sure they'd be ecstatic about a student running unknown software on their computers.

    I used many firewalls but none of them seems to be working.I just cracked the admin passwords :P ,so that i can install any softwares there.

    I don't think s/he cares and I'm pretty sure they're smart enough to know that they're assuming a risk no matter what they do. If anything, I'm steering him/her towards open source as opposed to (most likely as it's not the posters box) using warez to accomplish their desired task. As well, using a live cd/usb mitigates potential damage to the schools property as these distros are designed not touch the existing operating system or files unless instructed to do so.


  8. This is quite frustrating, both Helix and Knoppix place an icon on the desktop for my external HD, but cannot open it.

    I manually opened /etc/fstabs in both Helix and Knoppix and noticed that sdb (my external hardrive) has the option of auto listed instead of ntfs. When I replace auto with ntfs, I get the same error I got when I used the ntfs-mounting program on the command line: "run Checkdisk /f on Windows, reboot TWICE, try again". I did so, but no difference. And yes, I am making sure to chkdsk my external HDD.

    Knoppix and Helix have no problem mounting my internal SATA ntfs partition, but my external ATA ntfs hdd is giving me trouble in linux, even though it can be read perfectly fine in Windows (aside from the access problem of the Admin folder in Documents and Settings).


    I think the "auto" is your mounting option. Just to be sure if your drive is recognised or not, your knoppix live cd (helix is based on knoppix so the results should be the same) should have a partition editor on the menu (qt/g-parted or such). If you use it (just to look, not to actually do anything) it should tell you what drives are recognised and their filesystems. If the drive is in fact recognised and it's a problem retrieving the files then you may wish to check out the forums at the helix site to find the recovery tool that's best suited to you. At this point, I feel it only fair to point out that I've only used autopsy once....and with lots of cussing :) So..bump bump ?


  9. I have just entered the very worrying world of programming.

    After a few tutorials using Python I'm ready to playing with the code and seeing what happens.

    I would like some open-source python code to study, emulate and adapt, in the hope of bettering myself in the subject. It appears that Google has some code (in it's "more" options) but it's all very distorted and not presented very well. Even searching for "open source python code" doesn't really come up with the goods. I seem to be repeatedly hitting hyperlinks and not getting to any end result.

    Are there any links to pages you guys know of, that have Python code that isn't a tutorial, but is easy enough for programming beginnners to start getting their heads around?

    Thanks in advance.

    w00t :)

    Yes, yes, I do know of some open source python code you can adapt! It's the pywikipediabot framework that needs to be customized to the docdroppers page according to the to do list on StankDawgs user page. There are extensions to handle the conformity/template issues (more about that on my user page), but if the bot could be tweaked to take care of the articles that already exist, that would save a lot of work. If you could do this, that would be awesome and very much appreciated :D Please feel free to pm me if you need further information.


  10. You're quite right about that being a lapse in etiquette (and prolly just overlooked), however, I agree that consideration should be given to the time and effort put in voluntarily when forming "expectations".

    as for today we see other message : DR site is down so something is cooking up

    I hope it's sorted soon too:)


  11. I just wanted to make the point that at least someone is _trying_ to step up and do the show..

    Much agreed. Making a show is much harder than research, etc. It doesn't seem like it would be to the observer, but it really is. It took me 3 days of my free time to get to the point where I could pronounce a measly 5 minutes of material correctly (erm..maybe not all). IMHO, everyone who complained about "customer service" and such should try doing an HPR episode. Try it, it's no where near as easy as it looks. Much respect to anyone who can do a show regularly.