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  1. Much agreed. Making a show is much harder than research, etc. It doesn't seem like it would be to the observer, but it really is. It took me 3 days of my free time to get to the point where I could pronounce a measly 5 minutes of material correctly (erm..maybe not all). IMHO, everyone who complained about "customer service" and such should try doing an HPR episode. Try it, it's no where near as easy as it looks. Much respect to anyone who can do a show regularly.
  2. Just to let you know, Ken Fallon's doing a mini series (starts at episode 13) on LPIC right now on hpr.
  3. I've just been doing some organising over at docdroppers of some articles that have recently been through articles for deletion debates on wikipedia. My concern is that some of them may have some inaccuracies, but I'm not experienced enough to know for sure. I'm especially concerned about the Linux for Translators and Hackin9 articles. There are also some that simply need expansion like the Lesser Known Linux Distros list (know of any?), etc. Spotting and editing any errors would prolly be fairly easy for someone who's been around for a while and has picked up stuff here and there. Any help would be much appreciated TIA The recently added articles are here.
  4. It's not a book, but docdroppers.org has an excellent intro to c++ among many other things
  5. Thanks for posting that! From what I understand, it extends further than just sharing password crackers, etc. I'm sorry to post part of a bill here, but I do think it's important to actually see it in order to realise it's implications. (the bolding is mine) This is from the Police and Justice Bill The Computer Misuse Act 1990 that it amends can be read here
  6. K, don't laugh... I've had success running knoppix 3.6 on an ancient stuff. For some reason the .de download works, but I haven't had any success with the english version (dunno why). Just boot it with "knoppix lang=us" (btw, the "=" is a ")" on the german keyboard). From there you can see if your bios version meets cut off dates, etc.
  7. I just thought i'd share with you some tools I found that make sorting through the wikipedia articles for deletion debate pages go a little quicker. The first one is link evaluator which will go through and highlight links to pages with specified keywords (that way you can get rid of all the game, buffy, and (dear gawd!!) mall links. For the remaining links, I found previewing them with cooliris previews is a lot faster than clicking through. If I'm too late and the page has already been deleted, I find that I can sometimes resurrect it easily by using the resurrect pages add on. All can be found at the firefox get extensions page too. I also found a plugin for open office called odt2wiki that can format what you've cut to be fit for docdroppers. It's not perfect, and you still have to make some changes by hand, but it does shave off some time.
  8. Hey, I found this at the bottom of the edit page... http://www.docdroppers.org/wiki/index.php?title=Help:Editing Thanks for putting the cookies on the low shelf I started filling in some basic empty links on other's entries (though I'm still having some trouble with formatting a whole entry right). I think that's ok to do ? I'll try some more tonight. I expect someone will tell me if I completely screw it up ?
  9. Could someone please post a definitive statement on the copyright issue once it's sorted? Thanks
  10. Right then, what was the really shocking surprise hinted at about 6 hours and 21 minutes in? No, I don't think it is prying to ask. There are no coincidences...especially when you get to edit your words Anyone care to speculate?
  11. I can cut and paste
  12. Your lawyer/paralegal should do that for you.
  13. yeah, I noticed that too (around 2:30 ish). May we please have download? Soon?
  14. Wow! thanks for that! XD I used to dl the shows from the old site all the time before they got streamlink (which just offends me)
  15. I'm not a lawyer and if you need a disclaimer you should just stop reading here. ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ That is true in some areas. Regardless of contract, your friend my still have some rights depending on his role, the subject matter, and context of the piece. Start by comparing the piece against the standards of "fair use" (just search). You may also want to verify if it actually is illegal to record without subjects knowledge in your area. Most importantly, can you and your friend afford to defend yourselves?
  16. I expect you'll have far more input in the next few days as comcast has blatantly decided not to respect net neutrality
  17. Look forward to it, and many more
  18. YIPPEE!!! Wow, they got here really fast! I'm used to waiting forever to get stuff from the states. Thanks StankDawg
  19. I'd use it to stay in the room where Tesla lived in the old tower of the Waldorf Astoria.
  20. Not sure if this counts, but I find this page very useful when I have a few minutes to kill at work, school, etc. It also has feeds from sources I normally couldn't be bothered visiting daily that occasionally have some good tid bits.
  21. I was really bored at work. I followed a link from wtfpeople to textfiles and from there to binrev. I hadn't any real exposure to computer use past email, work, screwing around photoshop, etc. and instantly became intrigued
  22. They were ordered by a federal judge (holding up a magistrates decision) to start logging and surrendering user information to the MPAA. This is their way of not complying.
  23. Of course not! While it's very nice that occurrences are rare here, they should certainly be expected given the nature of the site.
  24. It was Tesla. He wrote a book called My Inventions (by ,of course, Nikola Tesla) which makes for a good read if you like spotting advancements in technology. ummm, and I think your old chem teacher may be pulling your leg. I'm not saying the technology isn't there (most likely would employ microwave transmittal), just that anyone who uses it would prolly have a pretty bad stomach ache Also, rapidly depleting resonance? I'm asking only because I'm genuinely curious, do you have a source?