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  1. 1st post! :P Seriously - hi.

  2. - Ubuntu - eee pc custom thing (not quite xandros) 33
  3. It looks great The orange is especially welcoming.
  4. (407), (561), or (813) http://411.binrevmeetings.com/?page_id=3
  5. You may wish to browse some of the articles at DocDroppers.
  6. I'm /kzzp!/ with /hiss/ Rogers. Mainly /garble/ because /hiss/ I'm stuck in an /garble/ awful contract /hiss/ that I took /garble/ through work /call drop/
  7. There was actually one that survived a regular bombing http://long-lines.net/places-routes/CedarMtnUT/index.html They're used mountainous areas out west. As well, Rogers has a bunch of little high frequency microwave hops for cellular traffic all over Toronto, but they're only used for a couple hundred of meters within the city.
  8. I use cooliris. It's great for doing research or anything where you just want to skim a linked to page quickly. You can set it (in your add on/extensions preferences) so that you have to click on the icon to open a window.
  9. I can see that. There are a lot of governmental bodies around the world that use Linux (and really, doesn't that make sense?) and Fedora is probably better suited to their overall needs/maintenance requirements. I'm more confused about Finland, you'd think they would have more usage in general. Very interesting indeed.
  10. This issue was explored somewhat a while ago on an hpr episode: copyfight vol. 1 Only you can decide if its right or wrong, for you. It's been my experience though that if you think youre doing something wrong, regardless if it actually is or not, you're going to have to deal with the guilt, regret, etc. anyhow
  11. IANAL and this is only what I would do if it were me.... I would consider seeking a lawyer or paralegal in this matter. For no other reason than the unsettling idea that an organization so unscrupulous, with access to sensitive information, has accused you of offenses for reasons unknown. This whole scenario sounds fishy and I would certainly do what I could to cover my ass if it were me. By slandering you to other workers they have committed defamation of character, which is a tort that you can sue for. At the very least, I would make a sworn (before a justice of the peace, notary public, or the equivalent where you live) affidavit stating that you are aware of the situation at this time and that you deny the accusations made. This should only cost around $50. Try to be as specific as possible as they have probably made an entry on your personnel file with their version of the "facts". Good luck
  12. "Switzerland is designed to detect the modification or injection of packets of data traveling over IP networks, including those introduced by anti-P2P tools from Sandvine (widely believed to be used by Comcast to interfere with BitTorrent uploads) and AudibleMagic, advertising injection systems like FairEagle, censorship systems like the Great Firewall of China, and other systems that we don't know about yet." http://www.eff.org/testyourisp/switzerland
  13. I'm coming