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  1. sql or oracle is gonna be your best bet prob. Both are free to download and you can export to *.txt or *.xls too. I could even provide you with a sample domain if wanted it to be accessible over the net you can then just set up the password directorys to make it private
  2. that is a bang on website an i have been using sound forge and mobile9.com to make ringtones lol good find
  3. i like mininova but used to love demonoid till the mpaa shut it down damm you. I also use azureus because of the add ons and the fact that you can play around with settings to make it quicker. Have tried utorrent and found it ok as a small client but not too great after large downloads etc and bitcomet to just abuse process power. Although bit tornardo used to be good but not updated enough to stick with the times lol
  4. not only a great find but also a good example of relay switches within electronis
  5. i think it is stupid almost like saying kevin mcnick did something really bad to deserve the prison sentance just for social hacking. Only this is on a smaller scale the media are just scared of people who know more about they do on the computer field. Whatever happened to the term hacker just meaning someone who makes something do something it is not meant to. But it really does sound like a keylogger or that guys room mate was well too personal with them.
  6. not bad but i do think that they may be some copyright on the mp3s that can be downloaded. not to be one to point out the obvious sorry lol. Cool stuff though
  7. link goes no where, unless it is in fact just a statement to say pokemon kick ass
  8. i could give you some space for free also i own a few dedicated boxes maybe i could offer you a dedicated box pm me or something
  9. just have a look out for v3 monster packs and they are custom firmware that people have done some have itunes and etc on them
  10. I have flashed a couple of these with different firmware test to see if bootloader works and what version by turning the phone off then on again with star hash and power on all pressed together
  11. Had mine also the other day i had three dvds too which is cool just need to make time to install and reep the benifits
  12. Sorry i was not too clear perhaps. I have made some vm ware files for different linux os's. But i was wondering if there was a site where you can get ones that were already made just to be that little bit more lazy. Also to save the download time of linux install files just to create a vm file. All the ones i have made do take up 3.0gb so linux has more than enough space.
  13. I have only just got round to playing about with vmware workstation, i have installed ubuntu 6.10 on win xp with it and think its cool, so i thought i would keep the run going. I have now instlled backtrack2, knoppix, suse 10.1, mandriva 2007 and now just having problems getting slax to pick up the drive vmware sets for it. Does any one know of anygood links where you can download the vmware files to load up preconfigured diskc
  14. They both seem to be ok so i have decided to download them both for the psp gives good journey watching. Never seen them before but then never really bothered to watch much hackin documentries really apart from one on channel 4 a while back.
  15. I am sure there should be some kind of drivers to allow you to use an extrenal cd rom you may even be able to edit the old 98 boot floppy disk but i am sure it had something for an external drive. I will have a look around my disks at some point. I did have the same problem on an ibm thinkpad but i ended up replaing the internal drive as they were cheap enough on ebay and made it worth it then too.