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  1. /* generic update */

  2. From my understanding of IP law (IANAL), there's a point where something has been in the public domain long enough that the idea of turning it back over to corporate holding and alleged patent holders is flat-out ridiculous. The Linux source has been freely available since the early '90s, and if what Ohm says is correct (that the file of contention was errno.h)it should be obvious that there's going to be naming overlap to effectively describe the errors the OS has to handle on a day to day basis... it's like patenting the dictionary and suing authors of books. Am I wrong?
  3. You guys do know that JFalcon and Beave are BinRev members, right? I am sure you could direct questions about their system to them on the forums, heh, ask stank for a an OpenVMS/VAXen section. You usually find them in Old School Phreak, not often though. You could give 'em a ring at the Telephreak BBS, I do not know them personally, but we've talked and they seem like nice guys.
  4. Quick question, and this is more aimed at AT&T Verizown and Comcast, WEP is riddled with security faults, granted I have been out of the scene for like a year or more, but WEP security was an issue in '06. Why on earth are routers still configured to use WEP by default? I really shouldn't talk, our router at home is completely unprotected, but seriously, people are still able to do this? I guess the reason why I am having a hard time believing it is because I ran a kismet session as I drove up the highway from Boston to Amherst and the I only saw maybe 10 or 12 unencrypted networks (one of them was an insurance agency and another was a doctor's office *yikes*) and I only say maybe 9 WEP networks, the rest were WPA or WPA2. (I should mention that I snagged like... over 140 networks in total) I would like to make another observation, most of the WiFi networks you are going to run into in the suburbs are not going to have a "SysAdmin" or "SysOP", or even in the cities for that matter (unless you are in a financial district or at an airport. Basically, I have pretty strong suspicion that your activity will go largely unnoticed until you do something like, turn of WEP or change the name of the network to "network-of-t3h-p\/\/n3d", "lul-usux" etc, etc. Hell, I am not sure if a cop would even know what do with a kid if he caught them running kismet and aircrack-ng; this is assuming that you are not dressed in black crouching in the foliage with a laptop and smelling kind of odd... moving on. I am intrigued though, I was never able to get WiFi cracking quite down, perhaps I was two impatient or my driver didn't support packet injection, it was most likely the latter. Thanks for the link btw I will see about buying the Alfa, hell, looks like I could make my own amplifier for it!
  5. (Glad to see not much has changed) /grumble Heh, funny story about this sort of thing. I know a kid, he pretty much did exactly what you are talking about, installed unapproved software onto a school computer, assisted several other people in doing so and set up an SSH server with tunneling; gave is friends accounts, blah blah blah. The SysAdmin finally looked at the logs one day, noticed over 4gb of traffic going to a residential line. You can pretty much figure out the story from there. I've tinkered around with networking, I am no expert, but I know enough to tell you: a) messing around on other people's networks (especially the school's) is stupid and not worth the risk a computer that sends encrypted data to one IP (and a residential line at that), and only that IP, when it didn't do that before will raise eyebrows c) several computers doing any of the above will prompt immediate action (even one will prolly do that) and probably raise voices Don't get me wrong, I think SSH and Hamachi are really neat tools, and I think that you could definetly do something useful with them. Circumventing a firewall at school or at work is silly, you're there to do a job, and it's not worth the risk of getting caught.
  6. How does I shot web?

    How does I telnet boxen root?

  7. Huh? There's got to be something you are not telling us here, you need to use a proxy to read Manga online? What kind of Manga is thi-... nevermind, I really do not want to know. Understandably so, as most schools do not take kindly to kids using proxies... especially to look at "Manga". So, you bypassed the login screen... and then found "your sisters" account and password, this has got me tripped up a bit. What do you mean by bypassing the login screen... what log on screen, the NetWare log on or the Windows log on? If you bypassed the logon screen... well damn I am confused; at anyrate, you have an account (albeit a hijacked account) why not just use that one? Also, if it really was your sybling's account, couldn't you have just asked to use her account every now and then, you know... rather than breaking into it? Bottom line, I would like more information.
  8. Why do we even go here? Windows is not a Unix system. Why do you people keep comparing it to Unix or any Unix-like operating system? There have been only 2 valid arguments here (and I am to lazy to dig through the fire and flames to recall them), but even then, most of you seem to miss a really key part of the discussion: Q.E.D. WINDOWS IS NOT A UNIX OS, STOP COMPARING IT TO CERTIFIED UNIX'S OR UNIX DERIVATIVES. (caps-lock is cruise control for cool) I know me saying that won't change a damn thing and we will still see all the unwholesome carnage that seems to be key with these debates, but could we at least acknowledge that they are different beasts? Granted you could feasibly ridicule MS for essentially wanting to be a Unix system but quite simply being to damn lazy to go all the way with it. Hell, ridicule Vista for ripping off Mac with their GUI design, but stop going on and on and on about how dreadful each and every version is. For Christ sake, it's just a bloody Operating System. Point out something new, stop rehashing what was most likely posted in 1995.
  9. I have a feeling that your avatar is why I should probably blank the history once I'm done here...

  10. Well, to be a pendant, it's not that ironic as he/she is a juvenile. Therefore, it's to be expected and is not counter intuitive. Other than that, I completely agree with your point. School's are not "Gibsons" and are not hard to "hack" or compromise. They are actually (well, public schools anyway) government funded entities, but unlike most government related institutions, they really could care less about their security. It's getting better, but only because making things more secure (against basic attacks) has become more automated and easier to maintain. However, because they are government funded and they, obviously, maintain goverment property (your grades and such) and by modifying said property, you can (and will mind you) be charged with vandalizing government property.
  11. They would be electrically isolated... more details on that as this comes along.
  12. Not true in every case, but it can still be presented and it usually sways the jury.
  13. Wow, they give you laptops, That's absolutely braindead. I just hope that they don't let you take them home. I think'll take a look at this in a way nobody else has seemed to. Not to rip on the OP, well not /to/ hard, but isn't this kind of ungrateful on your part? I mean, you literally just began your school year and the school's nice/niave enough to give a laptop, and all you want to do is break into it? Just so you can get on myspace or some other shit, or maybe install Cain & Abel and then go parading about the network with adolescent bravado, you know, deleting directories with impunity, screwing with teachers worksheets and grades (depending on the system you use). Then when thats all done, you go and brag about it to your freinds as your sorry ass gets hauled into the vice principle's office and he tries to explain to your hohlraum of a head that because you decided to go on your little victory dance through the servers, you charged hours of work to an underpaid woefully understaffed IT Department. But wait, it won't stop there. After you get suspended (or expelled, depending on what you would decide to do) you come back (maybe) to find that every computer is gutted, they all have been electrically eviscerated and even though you know physically CAN'T do anything with the computer, they still put massive restrictions on everything. Now when you want to go do research for project, you need to have the URL apporved by a teacher, and you need to be monitored constantly. Sorry for the two paragraphs of smoke and fire, but in the end, trying to get Admin privs on a school machine is just a waste of time. There's nothing really interesting (other than grades, and more often than not, those are stored in a seperate location) on their network and if you wanted to get admin privs in order install some game or whatever, those computers are usually so cheap that they will have trouble running M$ Word. It's easy to reak havoc, I mean it is really easy but it is also incredibly immature (but fun...o_0) and it ends up being way more trouble than it's worth. In short, even if you do get in, you will be caught, punished and the entire community will suffer. Just be a good little techy and experiment on your own machine.
  14. Agreed, while you're at it you could also start using 64bit. In my experiance though, you should never even attempt to "upgrade" an OEM machine, because (if your objective is a better system) you will end up replacing pretty much everything that came with it, monitor, keyboard, mouse, PSU, CPU MB, your GPU and then you realize 'Hey, this case really sucks...' and you go out and buy that too, then Presto Chango, lo' and behold, you have a box with only about 2 or 3 of the original components. All in all, you could've just made a new box from scratch and been happier with it. Bottom line, you can make a better machine for about $700 (not including the monitor and such) than most of the OEMs crank out and sell for around $1500. Also, it's always good to have a "beater" lying around for things like firewalls or DMZs and just experimentation in general. Oh yeah... and the wiring schemes of EVERY OEM suck.
  15. Yeah, to bad I am having a hard time understanding it... >_> I need to make a driver circuit for a project I am doing, using the TLC555 as it can reach frequencies up to about 2.4Mhz... but I want to understand it first. Any one here pretty good with 555s? Anyway, yeah the 555 IC is pretty damn flexible chip. EDIT: Also, is there anyway I could design an accurate and cheap circuit that produces freqs around or above 24Ghz? Sorry, this wasn't a post asking for help, but I am trying to get into HAM radio and, well, HVHF electronics in general. My guess is I would have to make my own capacitors for a job like that. Basically, I want to be able to hear what is going on at 175Ghz and above... not that you can do that with a 555 timer IC... Anyway, I have a feeling that either 1) Nobody cells equipment like this to civillians 2) this equipment is expensive to buy, ship and maintain 3) phucking around at such high freqs will get the attention of certain govenrment agencies (not that I care) 4) this is just not attainable with the current technology that is available to the public or even most private organizations. I think it would be pretty sweet for an amature to get up and above 500Ghz or even 1Thz (wait a second that's just infrared light... oops lol).