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  1. StarDownloader
  2. xp, yes
  3. haha! I survived with no losses but the Win theme stoping
  4. I like it just not used to it yet. :\ Some of the smilies are kinda fucked up too.
  5. LOL that was great!!
  6. Yep nice job. My mirror's updated too.
  7. Me too.
  8. I think he was taking about the screens. Sounds interesting though.
  9. Thats a cool idea.
  10. Nice.
  11. LMAO!! lol
  12. Loved it. I found a few spelling/f up errors but that was prob just frm my intent reading.
  13. Wow that AOL popup was the first ever for me. lol aol
  14. I havent gotten any either and it sucks.
  15. hey I didnt notice where the invites were at first.