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  1. cat /dev/null

  2. Moustafa Amar is an Arabic pop star, I'm the admin of the official website, most of his videoclips are his vision & a French company -I think- called Autre Chose make special effects & Nicocorp as executive producer.

    This for videoclips, for edting other videos, We're a team dedicated for it & we're using Sony Vegas.

    I recommend this for you http://...

  3. I don't understand a word of Arabic (I'm assuming, right?)...but your videos were pretty cool, especially Mabhbkesh. Who does your video editing and what type of software are you guys using?

  4. I haven't lost my mind, it's backed up on DVDs

  5. RealSpeak Apple TTS is awesome.
  6. Although using Goertzel Algorithm can be okay, but I think FFT with some Windowing is essential to reduce the noise effect in this case. The attached file may help you more, higher amplitude & sampled @ 4KHz, DTMFs don't need more than 2KHz sounds anyway. 1_modified.wav
  7. Opera with 50+ open tabs consuming ~250 MB RAM
  8. They're different, is just advertising not the Airport website.
  9. The cracker doesn't seem so smart, as well as the attack, how this can be done to airlines website?
  10. Get to the second Item or the third in the upper items there's 'SATA Mode' change it to IDE Mode.
  11. No butterfly in Hieroglyphic language, but there is a beetle!
  12. Vistumbler is a decent clone for NetStumbler.
  13. If you could figure some way to hack CDMA encryption which is the toughest encryption, you can spy on phone calls, SMSs anything that involve accessing to HLR (Home Location Register). I think some Java code that simulates the outgoing codes can do this.
  14. I don't know much about it, but I think this NAT thing related to the router.
  15. Why underage girls are there, a website like MySpace knows what dangers that can face underages. That's why we've to read the Terms & conditions EDIT:why do someone be attracted to a female without b**bs