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  1. Ubuntu - 19 Every little helps, I'm surprised at how young the population of BinRev is.
  2. Don't get in trouble with the law......
  3. If in vista there's also an uber hack to do this. Right click on the recycle bin, select 'rename' enter any name that you'd like. You could even call it Sensayshun!
  4. Nice stuff guys, interesting read. For future reference though, you decrypt a cipher. You decode a code. Just nit picking.
  5. Alrighty then. Thanks for the help guys. Does my linux system work as a sandbox? I'm assuming nothing can get out of it? Edit: and if i created a virtual windows machine would that also work as a sandbox?
  6. Right, I'm confused on this one. Running linux on a windows machine, I was wondering if it'd be more secure accessing my bank stuff on the virtual machine of linux? Or would I have the security holes associated with both? Or the holes just associated with windows? Pondersome. Thanks for any answers.
  7. Although I don't have much to add I just thought I'd agree with the video comment. I at first thought 'oooh video'. But that clearly is NOT an option I agree with portability, although I don't use it myself. And don't see how it could be implemented in any decent way. This forum is portable so long as I have my laptop and a signal. No offence, I think forums act how they're meant to currently. Some things I'd change, but that's about a particular forum, not about the way they function in general. Just an idea to put out there, not necessarily any good to follow, but there has always been this tree structure. Topic to Topic to Topic to Thread to Post. It's like a web, no bad thing, but it's easy to get lost. There could be another, more intuitive, way of organising the threads and posts that there are.
  8. Not the most technical answer but ever considered going and asking them? At my college we have to register our MAC address to our dorm, so I'd go and ask them and say something along the lines of: 'Hi there, my room got broken into and alot of our technical wizardy got thieved, do you log physical addresses in any way and what are the chances of you telling me, or campus security, or the police, where the fuck our items are located?' You may wish to fiddle around with the wording to get the most out of the situation.
  9. Mine doesn't sound as bad as some of these but one of my old machines didn't have a case, and the heatsink fan combo was a heatsink designed for a different socket which i sellotaped onto the cpu as hard as it could go, and a 120mm fan which was bluetacked onto this. It ran at 800mhz and i had it OC'ed to 1.0Ghz I miss those days.
  10. I'm guessing yours would be the ELM327. Seeing as VAG stands for Volkswagen Audi Group.
  11. Can you use these to flash the ECU adjusting air/fuel ratios? Just like when you get a car remapped? That'd be so much fun, even if the professionals probably do a better job of it.
  12. It's illegal in the UK too, it's to do with 'not being in control of the vehicle'. They have a mildy valid point, if something occurred you would have to put it into gear before you could accelerate away, and if you brake you won't have the additional engine braking. Loads of horse shite if you ask me, coasting ftw, especially with rising gas prices.
  13. Sorry to go against the flow, but I think it looks quite good. You've just got to watch it with the mindset of 'Don't laugh at the blatant amateurism of the hacking side of this'. Just watch it as one of those films that you watch for the storyline.
  14. I think most people would take a bullet for someone when they were in that situation. Or at least I like to think most people would. I know I would. And nobody come back saying 'betcha wouldn't' coz we'll just end up in a long argument.
  15. I don't think mobos will post without CPU. I don't think it'll even turn on. That was just one machine though, might do on older or newer hardware.