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  1. I agree. I juggled around a few different distros before settling with Slack. I also make sure to carry around my flash drive with slax popcorn edition on it
  2.;btnG=Search There are a ton of them out there. Pick the one you like best.
  3. Happened to me too...there has to be a way around it I'm sure. How to do it, I'm stuck on. I was going to download the latest slackware iso and I got that message EDIT: when I was in school using Tor to bypass the firewall, I noticed that most of the time Tor would take me to the european version of the site I was trying to view. Maybe that will work? Not sure though, I dont use Tor on my home box. Also, they really shouldn't just block out US citizens just because we live in a country where something protected by copyright or because of our privacy laws. They should still let us search for things, and if it is copyright protected, then block us out at least. I mean hell, the way they have it you can't download shit whether it's normally free or not (such as linux distros)
  4. I finally found the right drivers for it after constant searching after I made this thread. I'm glad to have sound back.
  5. Well as some of you may know, I had to recently reinstall windows xp. Once I reinstalled it, everything was fine until I came to the point where I wanted to listen to music. When I played an audio file, I was surprised to find that no sound was coming from my speakers. I thought at first that the problem may be with my speakers, so I checked to make sure that they were connected properly and still, no sound. I looked around in the control panel and I found that it wasn't detecting any audio devices. I have been searching for drivers for hours now and I can't find anything. And just to clear one thing up, I have no idea what kind of sound card I have. In the device manager next to multimedia audio controller there is a yellow question mark next to it and when I tried to install the driver from there it couldn't locate one to install. I'm getting really frustrated by now (as anyone would) and I'm just completely lost.
  6. I have found this guide on the internet that shows how to mount NTFS so my files on windows can be readable/writeable. I'm having trouble though when it comes to the step where I choose the mount point I do just as the guide says but I get one of these two errors (it's different every time I try.) An error occured when trying to configure /media/PRESARIO, please retry. Thanks. /media/windows contains an invalid caracter. You must choose a name, not a directory. Could this be because when I installed ubuntu I made it the default OS instead of keeping windows?
  7. Get an Ubuntu Live CD and mount the NTFS partition where the data you need is located. Then backup the data that you need. Reinstall Windows. Does Ubuntu support NTFS right off the bat? If not, burn a copy of Ultimate Boot CD (which I'm pretty sure does support NTFS by default), navigate to program files and now you should finally be able to delete BlackIce. I would reinstall windows only as a last resort. I think I am to the point where I am about to use reinstalling as a last resort.
  8. Get an Ubuntu Live CD and mount the NTFS partition where the data you need is located. Then backup the data that you need. Reinstall Windows. I still have my ubuntu live cd. I'll try that out later. I am going out to get a new tattoo for now. Hopefully I can fix this when I get back.
  9. my problem was because of broadband is your virus software out of date? because mine was out of date when i aded company one it affected computer I'm not even sure. I only use windows for gaming but I have a lot of other files on there from before I started using ubuntu that I would hate to lose. I'll have to get with my brother and find out if he knows if it is out of date or not.
  10. Nothing newly installed comes to mind, but we did just switch from dialup to broadband about 2 weeks ago. So this may be a similair problem. However I do still plan to reinstall windows if i can ever get past the login screen. It's due for a reinstall. EDIT: This is a shared computer, shared by me and my siblings and although I havent installed anything recently (I try not to install useless shit) my brother installed BlackIce (wtf? gay firewall) I booted in safe mode and tried to delete it but it won't let me get rid of it. I get an error message everytime I try to remove it. The worst part of it is that he got it from a warez website, so there is no telling what the fuck else he got as an added bonus with it.
  11. Only you, Murd0c.
  12. I have been noticing lately that when I am on windows that my computer will restart after a few minutes of being online. I get error reports saying that Microsoft Windows recently recovered from a fatal system error. As soon as I noticed this, I decided to boot into safe mode and have a look around to see if I could possibly fix anything before I decided to reinstall windows. After running Spybot S&D and an AV scan in safe mode, I restarted to see if I had it fixed. Now, when it starts up grub opens and I choose windows xp from the list and it gets to the screen where it says windows is starting up. From here, my computer just shuts down and restarts. This made me decide to reinstall windows, but if i cant get it to boot I wont be able to backup my files. I've never experienced anything like this before and I am totally lost. Anyone who can help I will appreciate it a lot. Also I have googled around a bit and I found a few things but nothing that can really help me.
  13. Did it say what crime they commited? I didnt watch the video, I just minimized it and listened to the audio. It's sick.
  14. Sounds like you might need to reinstall windows xp. If you have never had to reinstall it you can find some guides online I'm sure.
  15. I'd buy a new car. The one I have now is about to fall apart.