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  1. I think there is a virus in my system which has set the ips of all anti-virus sites to in the C:\Windows\System32\Drivers\Etc\Hosts. I had Kaspersky 2009 and its license got expired so I was trying to dl Avast. But I was not able to open the site because of this thing. Please help me. Thx in advance.
  2. Hi guys! I've Windows Vista Home PRemium x64 installed on my machine. From few days I've not been able to open up Windows Task Manager. Previously, when I right clicked on taskbar a menu appeared and I selected Task Manager from it. Now, when I open the same menu the option Task Manager appears in grey colour as if it has been disabled. And when I perss Ctrl + Alt + Del, a screen appears with many options on it but the option for Task Manager is missing. I keep installing updates from the Microsoft Website. So, is it due to any latest update? Please suggest a solution. Thx in advance. Nipun Mohta
  3. Hi! I'm running Windows Vista Home Premium on a computer with 2GB ram and two harddrives of 80 GB and 160GB. The drive on which Windows is installed i.e. C: drive in my case has space of 20GB. Now it is filled up and only has 1.54 GB free space. The warning keeps popping up and there is a particular windows update which I can't install due to this problem. I've tried running Disk Cleanup, but it didn't help much. So can u please suggest me a method to increase C: space without reinstalling Windows Vista. Is there any such solution or do I have to format my C: drive and then allocate more space to it and then re-install Windows Vista. Please help me. Thanks in advance.
  4. I have uninstalled many softwares and have no documents in that drive.
  5. I got the solution. Sharing it over here. Click on this link
  6. Is there any software or method through which I can extract an image from a .chm file and use it in a word document?
  7. I have 4 USB ports/slots (whatever u call them) on my CPU cabinet. 2 at the back and 2 in the front. The 2 at the back are running fine and whenever I attach a pendrive/data cable the computer detects it fine. But whenever I attach a pendrive in the fron port the windows doesnt detects it. Can any1 tell me how to make those ports work? I'm on Windows XP.
  8. Thx a lot for the help ppl.
  9. Help me guys. I have the itunes enabled v3i. bought it 2 months back. i have win 2k on my laptop and used to sync me ipod and the v3i with the laptop only. it works fine with 2k and itunes 7.3(downloaded it yesterday) but when i connect the v3i to my desktop which has xp sp 2 , and itunes version 7.3, itunes is automatically opening but it doesnt read the contents of the mobile and i cannot see the mobile option in the left hand panel. i have tried versions 6, 7.0.1,7.1,7.2,7.3 and it aint working plz help
  10. Here, I found another link for this article
  11. It is showing the error "Page not Found" Please check the link.
  12. I heard abt a compression software that compresses 30 MB files to 6-10 MB. Is there any software like this? I got the name as uhaarc. But, when I searched for anything related to it. I didnt find anything imp. through google. Maybe I've got the wrong name. Do any of u know of a s/w like dis?
  13. Thx a lot for the help ppl.
  14. You should read few of the following books Computer Viruses for Dummies A Short Course on Computer Viruses Virus Proof Malware : Fighting Malicious Codes Counter Hack The Art of Computer Virus Research and Defence and u can visit the following links U can also search wikipedia for these kind of articles.
  15. Through services.msc if I stop the telnet service then will I be able to telnet to any computer or only a remote user can not telnet to my computer?
  16. Thx man u cleared my doubts. Thx a lot. This community is gr8.
  17. By stopping the service, would I be able to telnet to another box?
  18. Go to Start -> Run and then type x:/windows/system32/drivers (where x is the letter of the driver in which the windows folder is located) drivers is just a folder in system32 which is not hidden. I wonder how can't u access drivers.
  19. I think that u should go 4 Ubuntu. The new version 6.06 is damn easy to install and moreover it gives u an option to first run it like a live cd to check the hardware compatibilty and all and then install. The installation is damn easy and will not take more than 15-20 minutes.
  20. You should also check this out
  21. This video is so amazing .... It has opened my eyes to alot that has happened, and is happening ... I mean this video is awesome ... mine 2
  22. A long one but a nice one. Thx for sharing the link.
  23. These links might prove helpful
  24. I think there is a mic attached onto ur webcam. Check it.
  25. If u r totally new then I suggest u should read books like Hackers beware and Hacking Exposed. You will get a basic idea of the technologies used in networking. If u want I can mail these books to u.