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  1. Brilliant! Just what I was after! Thanks Livinded
  2. Hi, I would love to try some reverse engineering with the free version of IDAPro as I've been messing around with a homemade honeypot and have captured a few binaries. The problem is a fairly obvious one, insofar as I have no idea how assembly code works. Would anyone have any recomendations as to where to start? I've found this book on Amazon and wondered if anyone had read it http://www.amazon.co.uk/Reverse-Engineerin...d=2C0L3K5LIFCL1 ..or if anyone could suggest a decent n00b book or website. Thanks in advance, Eddy3oy
  3. Anyone seen this yet? http://www.theregister.co.uk/2008/01/02/ha...l_ban_guidance/ Now this comes at a fairly bad time as I was thinking of doing the CEH cert, but by the looks of it I could technically face criminal charges if my ISP decides that my network traffic is somewhat suspicious and calls the police. Appologies if it's already been posted
  4. I'm in Wiltshire if that helps?
  5. I'm guessing you're already checked out the VMware pages themselves...? http://www.vmware.com/vmtn/appliances/