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  1. The first in a series of episodes concerning recording and audio quality. For this episode I focus on the beginning of the signal chain, the microphone. Tips on choosing a microphone, and how to use it to get the sound you want. Samson 2QU ATR 2100 View the full article
  2. This tutorial has us applying our knowledge of Layer Masks in combination with some other tools to make an image. We start with a photograph, and transform it into something very different, as a way to practice our GIMP skills. Links: View the full article
  3. NEW 'Off The Hook' ONLINE Posted 06 May, 2021 1:31:23 UTC The new edition of Off The Hook from 05/05/2021 has been archived and is now available online. Waiving patents on covid-19 vaccines, Facebook oversight board releases decision on Trump ban, Signal exposes data Facebook collects about you and sells to advertisers, draconian YouTube copyright claims. "Off The Hook" - 05/05/2021 Download the torrent here View the full article
  4. In this episode, our two ageing heroes host an eclectic panel of kernel contributors of a small, mostly unknown operating system called "Linux". The panelists hail from all over the planet (sadly, no money or love would buy Richard's or Linus' way onto that panel :-) but the discussion proves more than interesting regardless of these uber-nerds being absent. All will be revealed including the true age of Linux, one of Chris' secret obsessions (hint: it's not software bugs), Linus Torvald's thought process and evolution as such. Never mind Linux's second future high-level programming language... Plus: a philosophical discussion of the social impact of insulting from a pan-cultural perspective. Don't miss out on this! Links: Linux Kernel Archives: Device Tree System documentation: Linux BDFL: Linux kernel police: MythBusters: Conflict Resolution Network: Sage Sharp (left the project due to the nature of Linus' comments): View the full article
  5. NEW 'Off The Wall' ONLINE Posted 05 May, 2021 0:22:48 UTC The new edition of Off The Wall from 05/04/2021 has been archived and is now available online. "Off The Wall" - 05/04/2021 Download the torrent here View the full article
  6. Part two in the For the Love of Data series. Enigma covers part 2 of Pandas The following topics are discussed 1) Another way to apply a condition to a field 2) Creating a DataFrame from a dictionary 3) Appending a data frame with another DataFrame 4) Joining DataFrames with merge and join 5) Writing an output to csv Part 2 Sample code Follow me on twitter @Ed_N1gma Come chat on #hackerexchange View the full article
  7. We look into what a Ceph implementation entails, what specific use-cases it excels at. And we also talk about the building blocks of the system. What kind of hosts is required for different Ceph daemons and the requirements regarding disk space, CPU, and memory. The services we are talking about are OSD (Object storage daemon), Monitors, Managers, and MDS (MetaData Services). Ceph can be used as an S3 compatible object store, disk storage, and even a file system, depending on your setup. If you are interested in diving deeper into the topic, I have created a couple of videos on the subject that might interest you. Getting started with Ceph storage cluster setup - Using the amazon s3 object storage API for local storage on Ceph - Doing an automatic upgrade of Ceph cluster using CephAdm - Looking into a manual upgrade of Ceph to Pacific - View the full article
  8. New hosts Welcome to our new hosts: Anonymous Host, Trey. Last Month's Shows Id Day Date Title Host 3304 Thu 2021-04-01 Newsflash 21/01/04 Anonymous Host 3305 Fri 2021-04-02 Nagios part 2 norrist 3306 Mon 2021-04-05 HPR Community News for March 2021 HPR Volunteers 3307 Tue 2021-04-06 Git worktree klaatu 3308 Wed 2021-04-07 let's talk about Thunderbird Some Guy On The Internet 3309 Thu 2021-04-08 Linux Inlaws S01E27: The Big Uncertainties in Life and beyond monochromec 3310 Fri 2021-04-09 Layer Masks Ahuka 3311 Mon 2021-04-12 Bradley M. Kuhn's article from 2019 on Richard M. Stallman Anonymous Host 3312 Tue 2021-04-13 COVID Doldrums Dave Morriss 3313 Wed 2021-04-14 Zoom Update ToeJet 3314 Thu 2021-04-15 Introduction... A little bit about me Trey 3315 Fri 2021-04-16 tesseract optical character recognition Ken Fallon 3316 Mon 2021-04-19 FSF and RMS on election of Richard Stallman Anonymous Host 3317 Tue 2021-04-20 Reading a manifesto: Towards A Cooperative Technology Movement clacke 3318 Wed 2021-04-21 Modding a Wii classic with a DNS exploit Archer72 3319 Thu 2021-04-22 Linux Inlaws S01E28: Politicians and artificial intelligence part 1 monochromec 3320 Fri 2021-04-23 YouTube Channels for Learning Spanish, Part 2 Ahuka 3321 Mon 2021-04-26 DNS66 URANDOM RANDOM operat0r 3322 Tue 2021-04-27 Tune system performance with tuned klaatu 3323 Wed 2021-04-28 The alternate Internet you never knew existed klaatu 3324 Thu 2021-04-29 Infosec Podcasts Part 1 News and Current Events Trey 3325 Fri 2021-04-30 Games and rules klaatu Comments this month These are comments which have been made during the past month, either to shows released during the month or to past shows. There are 25 comments in total. Past shows There are 4 comments on 4 previous shows: hpr3291 (2021-03-15) "The New Audacity and Batch Processing Macros" by Ahuka. Comment 4: brother mouse on 2021-04-04: "audacity batch" hpr3296 (2021-03-22) "Spam Bot Honey Pot" by Rho`n. Comment 2: rtsn on 2021-04-13: "nice" hpr3301 (2021-03-29) "K S P Kerbal Space Program! (Game)" by operat0r. Comment 1: Aaronb on 2021-04-17: "Have you seen xkcd about Kerbal" hpr3303 (2021-03-31) "Slackware on RaspberryPi" by Brian in Ohio. Comment 1: Zen_floater2 on 2021-04-01: "Bravo" This month's shows There are 21 comments on 9 of this month's shows: hpr3305 (2021-04-02) "Nagios part 2" by norrist. Comment 1: Kevin O'Brien on 2021-04-05: "Adding my endorsement" hpr3308 (2021-04-07) "let's talk about Thunderbird" by Some Guy On The Internet. Comment 1: Henry on 2021-04-09: "Got some good tips ... thank you" hpr3311 (2021-04-12) "Bradley M. Kuhn's article from 2019 on Richard M. Stallman" by Anonymous Host. Comment 1: brian-in-ohio on 2021-04-12: "bravery" Comment 2: Ken Fallon on 2021-04-13: "Long history of supporting anonymous posts" Comment 3: Reto on 2021-04-13: "RMS" Comment 4: Ken Fallon on 2021-04-14: "Interview with RMS/FSF ?" Comment 5: Ken Fallon on 2021-04-14: "Interview with RMS/FSF ? - links" Comment 6: Beeza on 2021-04-14: "Richard Stallman" Comment 7: Torao on 2021-04-16: "Stallman" Comment 8: Cfish on 2021-04-19: "The responsibility of leadership" hpr3317 (2021-04-20) "Reading a manifesto: Towards A Cooperative Technology Movement" by clacke. Comment 1: clacke on 2021-04-02: "Errata" Comment 2: Cfish on 2021-04-20: "Great show" Comment 3: Kevin O'Brien on 2021-04-22: "Fantastic show!!!" Comment 4: clacke on 2021-04-28: "A season for manifestos" Comment 5: Kevin O'Brien on 2021-04-29: "Keep it up" hpr3318 (2021-04-21) "Modding a Wii classic with a DNS exploit" by Archer72. Comment 1: Ken Fallon on 2021-04-21: "sdcard and a usbstick" Comment 2: archer72 on 2021-04-22: "Re: sdcard and a usbstick" hpr3319 (2021-04-22) "Linux Inlaws S01E28: Politicians and artificial intelligence part 1" by monochromec. Comment 1: Ken Fallon on 2021-04-23: "AI is misleading AP would be better" hpr3320 (2021-04-23) "YouTube Channels for Learning Spanish, Part 2" by Ahuka. Comment 1: Aaronb on 2021-04-26: "Listening to Twit podcasts" hpr3321 (2021-04-26) "DNS66 URANDOM RANDOM" by operat0r. Comment 1: Thaj on 2021-04-26: "Mission accomplished" hpr3324 (2021-04-29) "Infosec Podcasts Part 1 News and Current Events " by Trey. Comment 1: Xoke on 2021-04-29: "GRRRRR!" Mailing List discussions Policy decisions surrounding HPR are taken by the community as a whole. This discussion takes place on the Mail List which is open to all HPR listeners and contributors. The discussions are open and available on the HPR server under Mailman. The threaded discussions this month can be found here: Events Calendar With the kind permission of we are linking to The Community Calendar. Quoting the site: This is the community event calendar, where we track events of interest to people using and developing Linux and free software. Clicking on individual events will take you to the appropriate web page. Any other business Booth kit update The FSF Europe have sent us a selection of stickers and leaflets to add to our booth kit(s). Posting Anonymously HPR supports anonymous posting Use Tor browser Sign up on a temporary email address Select your slot and check for the confirmation email Post your show as normal - but add a note to say it's an anonymous user. Older HPR shows on The project to upload the older HPR shows to has been quiescent for a few years. The shows between 1 and 870 had not been uploaded prior to April 2021 (though some shows had been uploaded in batches in the early days, without notes etc). However, this old show project has been restarted this month, after new software had been written to help manage the process. At the time of writing 65 shows in the range 1-870 have been uploaded, with notes, and with the same range of audio formats used for current shows. Since we don't want to upload shows without summaries or tags the two projects are now tied together. So we will be all the more welcoming of tag and summary updates sent to the address referenced in the next section! The plan is to report the numbers uploaded each month in the AOB section of the Community News show notes. HPR shows on have the URL where XXXX is the show number with leading zeroes. So for example, show 840's URL is: Tags and Summaries Thanks to the following contributors for sending in updates in the past month: Dave Morriss, Windigo Over the period tags and/or summaries have been added to 23 shows which were without them. There are now 384 shows which need a summary and/or tags. If you would like to contribute to the tag/summary project visit the summary page at and follow the instructions there. View the full article
  9. There are three nodes. You can choose two. o Rules / \ / \ Trust ó-----ò Competition View the full article
  10. NEW 'Off The Hook' ONLINE Posted 29 Apr, 2021 1:39:14 UTC The new edition of Off The Hook from 04/28/2021 has been archived and is now available online. Remembering two of our own: Dan Kaminsky, a security researcher best known for solving a fundamental flaw in DNS, and Bob Fass, WBAI radio personality and pioneer of free-form radio. "Off The Hook" - 04/28/2021 Download the torrent here View the full article
  11. Inoffensive in every region of the world Hello, again. This is Trey. This is part 1 of a 6 part series related to information security podcasts. Why am I recording this series? "What podcasts you listen to" was on the list of recommended topics I am passionate about information security We desperately need people to fill infosec jobs in many different specialties Infosec is a rapidly changing field, and it is critical to stay current As a result I listen to TONS of infosec related podcasts Because there are so many podcasts to list, I will break them down into 6 different episodes based on topics: Part 1 – News & Current Events Part 2 – General Information Security Part 3 - Career & Personal Development Part 4 – Social Engineering Part 5 - Hacks & Attacks Technical Information & Learning Infosec Community / Social / History Part 6 – Infosec Leadership Part 1 Infosec News / current events podcasts – Why? Stay aware of what is happening for your own personal growth If you already work in IT or Infosec, you can have early awareness about attacks to look for indicators of compromise, or learn new tools and techniques You can get a head start answering questions from leadership, when they ask about something they heard on the news or from a peer. SANS Internet Stormcenter Stormcast - Dr. Johannes Ullrich (Daily M-F) The latest Cybersecurity news Cyber Security Headlines (Daily M-F) Daily podcast with the latest Cybersecurity news Caps off Friday with a weekly review The Cyberwire - Dave Bitner (Daily M-F – Drops in afternoon) Daily podcast with the latest Cybersecurity news Shared Security Show – Tom Eston, Scott Wright, & Kevin Johnson (Weekly) News, tips, advice, and interviews with cybersecurity professionals and privacy experts. Transatlantic Cable Podcast – Sponsored by Kaspersky with Jeff Esposito & David Buxton (Weekly) A weekly infosec news discussion Security Now- Steve Gibson, Leo Laporte (Weekly) Part of the TWIT TV Network Steve Gibson, the man who coined the term spyware and created the first anti-spyware program, creator of Spinrite and ShieldsUP, discusses the hot topics in security today. Spinrite has helped me salvage many a hard drive over the last few decades. I'm a big fan of Steve Gibson Does a great job of simplifying technical topics. The Security Ledger – Paul Roberts (Weekly) A weekly podcast mixing news and interviews Risky Business podcast - Patrick Gray and Adam Boileau (Weekly) Discusses the week's security news from the Land Down Under. Also includes periodic vendor interviews. Sometimes the discussion may get a bit political. I hope that this episode has introduced you to some new sources of information. Give some of them a try, and I would love to get your feedback. Thank you for listening. View the full article
  12. NEW 'Off The Wall' ONLINE Posted 28 Apr, 2021 0:20:32 UTC The new edition of Off The Wall from 04/27/2021 has been archived and is now available online. "Off The Wall" - 04/27/2021 Download the torrent here View the full article
  13. A not-brief introduction to OpenNIC, the open and democratic domain name and number registry. View the full article
  14. The tuned-adm command switches profiles to help you fine-tune your Linux system's performance. For more about performance, see Powertop Linuxcon 2015 presentation and maybe listen to my GNU World Order episode View the full article
  15. DNS66 apk for more ads: for blocking pinterest View the full article