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  1. DarkMindZ-Think Dark Owner-RoMeO Administration- Great Population- Even Better
  2. Heh, my brother fell for a click and pwn...then I had to clean it up. I'm going to start charging: $50 per trojan per instance!!!!!!!!
  3. Yeah I know I read those a while ago...like freshman year.
  4. Ashley155 just admit it tehbiz just own your ass hard. You got pounded. Dammit you feel the effects of his pwnage. http://www.all-nettools.com/forum/showpost...p;postcount=155 WOW ur good(not!!!). Or \/ \/ \/ \/ \/ http://www.all-nettools.com/forum/showpost...p;postcount=218 ----then the begging http://www.all-nettools.com/forum/showpost...p;postcount=219 Really though you fool nobody.
  5. Belial did they already leaked the commercial version of Vista???? I want to be the first person to get a windows vista virus. Linux *virtual bitch smack* microsoft for making a crappy OS
  6. This iz what my job filtered that site for ( Viewing of this site (http://www.textfiles.com/hacking/) is limited due to the rating of its content (miscellaneous questionable,computer hacking,profanity). ) I almost fell out my chair laughing.
  7. First of all, your Caps Lock button is broken so learn how to drive. Go to the store and get a new keyboard. Please tell me what you meant to say is "How do I crack into a computer without a cracking program? This is my first time so I'm willing to learn." ----------------------------------- I wanna say it this time so here it is: Hacking is about production, not destruction; it involves curiosity, research, analysis, knowledge, the creation of new ideas, the discovery of amazing breakthroughs, and the sharing of information with those who will use it responsibly. Hacking is not illegal activity. The Digital Dawg Pound and the Binary Revolution Forums will not take any responsibility for your actions, nor do we condone any sort of illegal activity, especially in the name of hacking. You don't just hack into random computers(thats illegal), you get permission(best in written form). If you want to learn how to hack (fundamentals, types of hackers, types of hacking, etc) search google for Phaze and look for Certified Ethical Hacker Coursework. When you find it, read it like 3 times over....you'll learn something.
  8. Yeah batch viruses are fun
  9. You can get a keylogger off hereKeylogger + real easy to use site try it some time.
  10. OMG the thread has returned from 2 years OMG!!!!!! in answer to your question...IDK
  11. u scanned a babies port range...i didnt
  12. Try specifying the target with the correct casing (TARGET)
  13. u have lots of open ports
  14. You should try to look it up...even though it would be extremely wrong for u to root them =)...it might not be illegal
  15. I use Antivir Personal, Spybot S&D, Adaware