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  1. I'd love to hear any additional info on any of these. These are ones I found personally. 709-496-1111 tone (mw) 575-385-0000 CBCAD starring a British woman. Different than the CBCAD messages in the rest of 575-385 575-385-3333 Assortment of messages one after another, I also think I've gotten different messages each time I've called for some numbers in this exchange 785-852-5555 Weird. Modem on a bad connection I guess 337-775-0000 Intercepts around here give just 7 digits of the number, and end in silence 337-405-0000 Make fun local connections! 337-405-9999 Southern belle cbcad 337-214-0001 Dirty ring - What is this? Mechanical? 918-673-0001 "d241, test successful"