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  1. Sure post up the next time/date and I will do my best to be there.
  2. I think it is best for someone new to start with an OS that does not spoon feed them, I think you can learn allot more this way. I recommend freeBSD while not a Linux distro it has great documentation and is a dream to run!
  3. Yah just looked at the back of this month's 2600 there are 12 2600 meetings in Canada. List: http://www.2600.com/meetings/mtg.html
  4. I am traveling from Ireland ! I think 150$ a night doesn't seem to be much of a con rate, I saw it quotes somewhere as closer to 50 a night (cannot remember where!), Also 5th Avenue is too expensive take her to one of the outlet spots, Less walking too. Just sit down with your laptop while she runs about !
  5. It was a bit dodgey but not too bad in all fairness, The abuse you all give that poor lad ! On a side note lads still no sign of it! I wonder what the hold up is no news of it on the 2600 website, I hope it is not another main fiasco!
  6. Mine still not arrived and I am subscribed! Probably because I am in Ireland, Any other subscribers get it?
  7. I have not got the new issue in Ireland yet by subscription.
  8. Heheh true! I completely agree on your point about most parents not wanting that for there kids however it was more of a thought than an realistic proposition, I suppose a toddlers 2600 or binrev meeting could be in order !
  9. http://www.penguin-soft.com/penguin/man/1/hdup.html That is a pretty good program for it and there are loads of commercial back up services, http://rsyncpalace.com/pricing.php Not free but for the space you want you won't get it free... You could do it to a local box.
  10. Can you imagine the arguments with the kids? " Ok fine!. Lets take this to the terminal, I bet I can own you!" I do think there is merit in such an idea. Even a hacker youth club...
  11. Nice! I think you should be proud of her it displays the hacker mindset in my opinion even at such a small level however what must be remember is that she is such a young child! I think you should get her a cheap laptop and a box set up badly and tell her if she gets in you'll get her sweets or something! Start 'em young
  12. I like linux live cd and wipe.
  13. I use BlackRatchet's MF Cubed, I like to ring up the Project MF number (cannot remember who run's it but thanks ) and mess with it, I also like trying to whistle the 2600hz tone...
  14. I was in New York a bit back and although I did not goto a meeting (wrong time to be there ) I did meet up with and hang with some of the people who attend the meeting and if it that is anything to go on there all sound, Nice people and good craic!
  15. It is not announced on the 2600 site as being out yet. Any hints of what we have this issue? Contents and stuff?