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  1. I have some old GTE phone systems manuals. If I ever get around to scanning them, I'll upload them somewhere. GTE Telephone Operations: General HI-CAP Maintenance Uploaded to The Internet Archive.
  2. True, but if they want a method that doesn't cost someone else money, they could buy an ATA, and get an SIP provider that allows outdialing to the PSTN.
  3. 8797 goes to CVS Helpline, 0102 from here goes directly to CVS Security. also 8798 to cvs caresomthingoranother, 8027 is some other pbx or something, then 0102 is the conference line.
  4. 4072889099 - Male voice: We're sorry the person you've dialed is unavailable, please try again later. (same thing in spanish) Message 2 Switch 434. Female voice: We're sorry your call cannot be completed as dialed.
  5. 866-862-4867, I don't know a passcode. - A conference bridge
  6. Seems to stop the tone when hitting 0 on MF, then hangs up. I will investigate more and edit. EDIT: Actually stops the tone upon any MF digits being pressed. Then hangs up.
  7. I talked on the conference line to Don (the guy who runs the asterisk box,) the website can't be updated. He doesn't have access to it to make changes to it.
  8. Go to sign up there, ask on the mailing list how to connect via direct SIP, then dial to a bridge number for the PSTN, then dial to the bridge. ---OR--- SIP to Project MF ( ), use a bluebox to dial KP-2602-ST and dial into the bridge