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  1. Wouldn't recommend those ways to reach the conf for a long costs the people on CNET money. W/o their permission it is, truthfully, toll fraud.
  2. With AT&T's large fibre + MPLS backbone, it's gonna be MPLS w/ traffic engineering. So likely unreachable via the public internet.
  3. Doing Inband insisted it couldn't resolve an IP address so C-LAN never operated.
  4. Only mostly terrible. The upgrade and integration not forwarding the number correctly are my only Audix issues at present.
  5. Got Audix system how the hell do I install the service pack? Running the shell script just extracted the RPMs and did nothing...
  6. Oh that's fun Dial 1-800-555-1212 from the 5E and you get the "Integration test lab" voicemail box
  7. Yep - there are VxWorks strings in the MedPro it uses it for SOMETHING. Certainly not the main processor. That's 100% Oryx/Pecos. Certainly not in the manner of the Meridian - my 11C and Definity have radically different boot processes...;) Shoretel (and I think Mitel) have done VxWorks too. I need to find where the hell my Shoretel box went...might be across the bay. I wonder if I can pester someone now to see if they got the Computer Consoles Inc IP from Nortel if they ever had it... At least they're not Big Blue and their Guardians of the Mainframe Enforcers. Just upload it to first and link to it. I mean they have CompuServe's OS...;)
  8. From Xfinity: "You've reached voicemail" From Flowroute: Same Both very clear.
  9. Flowroute sends back 404. SIP/2.0 404 Invalid E.164 dialing format - Via: SIP/2.0/UDP;branch=z9hG4bK625135067 From: "Main Desk []" <sip:14156169542@>;tag=2069067084 To: <>;tag=870a5b262384e4f9f82f59836d699db5.ccd2 Call-ID: 59047554@ CSeq: 3 INVITE Content-Length: 0 Comcast sends me back a "calls to that number are not permitted"
  10. Argh! To test I will need to add a special regex rule to my "tandem's" dialplan to catch that...
  11. I eagerly await a post about the oddities people discover when they reach the thousands block(s) a client of mine has...of course I can't say who it is or the NXX...;) There may or may not be a very broken DISA...
  12. I wonder what comcast's modem does if I actually try to pulse...
  13. Not using Comcast's IP crap! Admittedly, i'm using it as a CO trunk off my Definity but still!
  14. Even closer now that my move has finished. That'd be useful - my Definity is up 24x7 now (Alameda power is much cheaper than San Jose power...) I'll want to snag that once I get paid I think...;)
  15. "Too busy with bankruptcy" It's all for interoperability, riiiight?