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  1. Using selective call forwarding on an AT&T POTS line I stumbled across a CAC I have little understanding of or of it's purpose. Thought Phreaker was able to reproduce this revealing the same CAC using this method. Using the selective call forwarding service feature (*63) when selecting the destination number calls are to be forwarded to, entering 00 plus any digit(s) and '#' Will cause the the system to read back a the CAC "10190170+xx" following the CAC are the digits you entered with leading '0'truncated. For example You were to enter "004" as the number you want your calls forwarded to. You'd hear it read back "The number you entered 1019017004 is not permitted." Removing the extra two digits in this example and and using 1019010 as a CAC you are able to dial local non toll numbers you normally could not dial using a CAC including X11 number "0" operator and normal 7 digit numbers. Entering '#' after the CAC gives you a dial-tone you can dial off of. What purpose it serves I have no clue. Thought Phreaker is at somewhat of a loss but hopefully he'll chime in with his thoughts. It's likely specific to AT&T but we've had no other way to try this anyplace other than our AT&T POTS lines. Would love to hear from anyone with a different carrier and what if anything they were able to get back by trying this out.
  2. I typed that and waited about an hour before I came back and hit post
  3. I have a MacBook Pro, I believe the first year they made retina display. It rarely gets warm during normal use, and even more rare will the fan come on. But when the fan actually does spin up, and sounds as if its never going to stop accelerating in speed, It always startles me at first and I find it little disturbing. Usually because I moved on from whatever resource intensive task I started in the background, and usually forgotten there is no noticeable performance decline with other tasks. But if I were to make the choice again to buy MacBook Pro again, and spend the amount of money I did, I'd seriously consider going with Macbook Air and maybe with a desktop system too. It's fine for a few hours of web browsing but in no way can match the battery life of Mac Book air. Also a bit too heavy to lounge around with for casual browsing. One of the iMacs I have has some type liquid cooling and head dissipators inside towards to core of the unit. I always ran very hot where as the unit i had purchased about 4 years prior, roughly same price and display size rarely got warm and had had no plumbing in it.