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  1. LOL... sick a lot but 100% success? I'll stick with my doc. PS If you take those 800mg Ibuprofen too often it will cause stomach problems.
  2. Anyone here use WASTE or have any thoughts on the app?
  3. Seriously though. DO you make a thread about every topic you google? I can't imagine how cluttered binrev would be if everyone did it
  4. three words: headless wardriving rig
  5. Has anyone come across a inexpensive way to create a rotating mast similar to these: I'm just talking about the part that does the rotation. Mounting a yagi on it might be rather useful... we could call it yagar lol I am really hoping there is some platform I can get and adapt rather than bringing a microcontroller and a motor into the picture and building a custom setup. Any ideas or suggestions?
  6. Why not just use compressed gas like c02
  7. Just setup a forward to a better mail server and be done with it.
  8. if you are going to run hobbit you might as well just run smokeping. Both are based on Tobi Oetiker's excellent RRDTool. It sounds more like the OP is looking for a app he can just install
  9. smokeping EDIT: I guess if you are looking for a windows app this wont cut it...
  10. This is like the blind leading the blind.
  11. Welcome to 2006
  12. -Try a external monitor; this will help narrow it down. If there is no line on the external than the issue is likely the LCD cable or LCD itself. -Also try gently grabbing the sides of the lcd pulling one side towards you and the other away. You should only "twist" about 1/2" in each direction. Repeat this a few times. Sometimes if the cable is going this will move it enough for the connection to be made again and the stuck pixels will go away or change. My money is on the cable. Sometimes you can find replacements on ebay if you aren't scared to dig into the laptop yourself and it is out of warranty.
  13. nice I have though about doing the exact same thing to silence an annoying neighbor's dog. The only problem for me is my dog would be affected as well