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  1. * say no to multi boot after working with it for a long time its just not worth the hassle * you can use http://geocities.com/supergrubdisk/ * or also fixboot fixmbr but not sure if you can do that in widnws 7 ( WTF you running widnws 7 much less windows ... )
  2. FYI ettercap sort of works for windows
  3. irc.rmccurdy.com
  4. * urlsnooper ( free ) * Replay Media Catcher ( idoit proof you can make it portable just by copying the folder after you get it registered ) you run into sites liek hulu etc that use XML / SOAP security and some other flash magic to do checks and kill the connection this site does not appear to use anything like that
  5. * http://proxy.rmccurdy.com you can also socks proxy into any tor node and also check out proxychains
  6. http://rmccurdy.com/scripts/packetstorm_dic_john_1337.tar.gz my 1337 wordlist you wont find anywhere else if you google a bit you will find xploites own wordlist and wpa list seach for theargon passwords list http://rmccurdy.com in news find the wordlist I made with no dupes / sorted and johned from theargon wordlist 2.3 gig wordlist
  7. Get a serial splitter ps1 or 2 ?? it works on servers but I dont know if the board needs to support it .. no usb you poor soul .. PS lolz ... 'Sorry, dynamic pages in the tags are not allowed'
  8. I would look as SMB share as an alternitave to FTP if you need ftp use cax.exe to run it hidden you also may want to check out siw.exe to report all kind of cool stuff .. theres also WMI for windows you can write yer own scropts to pull what ever info you want from a windows box if you are domain admin check out deamontools you can get it from torrent and use thinstall.com to make it portable ( great for domain admins ) most of this is total off topic prob for you as I dont know what you are trying to do also check out metasploit it has cool stuff you can tell it to log once it compromises a host PM me if you need any help
  9. you may be intrested in my psocy check script http://rmccurdy.com/scripts/proxy/good.txt ( list of fast verified proxies ) http://rmccurdy.com/scripts/proxy/ ( the script will download proxy list and removed dupes then check then based on speed delay of 10sec it will test for remote address and also save that info )
  10. search for my post on VNC repeater .. this works great for firewalls etc ..
  11. If you would read the remote-exploit forums you would find like 900 howto's http://del.icio.us/opreat0r/backtrack ( look for links with the word changes ) this is how I did mine but USB download you just run the syslinux.exe get the syntax from the .bat file
  12. http://www.binrev.com/forums/index.php?sho...=39983&hl=#
  13. http://vaab.free.fr/utilities/dd_rhelp/index.en.html http://www.hackerpublicradio.org/eps.php?id=0011
  14. if you look at the src of my proxy script you will see it has all I added multi proxy echo ripping multiproxy.org lynx -width=999 -dump -nolist "http://www.multiproxy.org/cgi-bin/search-proxy.pl" | sed 's/ //'g | grep ':' >> proxylist.txt http://rmccurdy.com/scripts/proxy/ the proxylist.txt is the full list the good.txt is all the 'fast ones' and I found AND there remote address ! ( sometimes you have 10 proxies running on the same IP and you dont want that )