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  1. I don't see anything
  2. Guys, Osmocom has software to emulate NMT, AMPS and some other obscure forms of analog cellular now. I found a thread on a mobile forum discussing someone who'd played around with it: http://www.mobilecollectors.net/forum/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=308
  3. T-Mobile came out and said a year or so they'll keep 1.5 to 3 MHz (can't remember exact numbers) for machine to machine users past 2021, Verizon will probably be at the point everyone can reliably use VoLTE by that time
  4. It's strange, really... It was a massive pain in the ass for me to get my postpaid card (now shut off since they discontinued the service on Oct 1st) but you can find prepaid cards in brick and mortar shops still even Off-topic, but why's the 800CALLATT number still have the calling card IVR up?
  5. Man, mobile operators and ILECs are waaaaaay too worried about traffic pumping
  6. Where's thoughtphreaker at? Surely he'll be glad to hear this
  7. I ordered mine exactly two weeks ago and surprisingly enough my order didn't enter a black hole! Woohoo! Don't have a scanner, but do enjoy the (arguably shitty) image I snapped with my phone: The card number format is the same as what chronomex mentioned, and there's an insert with international numbers with the old card design from around the turn of the millennium, that insert itself has a copyright date of 2006 printed on it. Kinda sad the card is just flimsy paper though :/
  8. Cool. In the meantime I managed to successfully place an order for one! The Indians @ 800-288-2747 couldn't tell me whether or not my order for the thing went through Called up the office of AT&T's president and got someone with executive support to check everything on my account for me, she informed me it was mailed out on the 5th (I ordered it on the 2nd, tried twice before and the orders didn't stick), and I'm still here waiting on it. I also asked when they'd stop sending them out, she said it looks like they'd stop doing it by the end of this month. Sad indeed...
  9. I kinda like how they keep vestiges of what things were around, actually Around here, there're still plenty of those orange "BURIED CABLE" poles that still bear the GTE logo Cabinets full of T1 repeater cards, yep, still have the blue GTE mark on them
  10. Wouldn't be able to scan it would you? I'm all about telecom ephemera
  11. Huh, guess it must be rejecting calls from COCOTs and the like then
  12. Maybe once I get my life straightened out yeah. I've lived in poverty all my life and one of my friends is going to change that, he offered me a well paying job in the IT industry, so maybe I'll have some cash to blow on nice analog equipment!
  13. Well, that's sad. Not profitable enough for them? The rates are spectactularly high for this day and age I did request a card online a week ago, haven't gotten anything yet... a few months ago I kept trying it and trying it and I just kept getting canned emails 3 days after submission telling me the order couldn't be processed because the order was "received at the wrong department" Interestingly enough, I haven't gotten one of these stonewalling emails this time around! Maybe the order got lost in a black hole this time, maybe they're *actually* processing it, who knows... Whilst I'm at it, I'd like to see what the card actually looks like (sans any identifiable information, of course)
  14. 800-288-2020? None of the reps I end up giving know what I'm talking about it seems
  15. Am I fighting a lost cause? I'd figure AT&T et al would be fighting a war of attrition against users of "legacy" services. Have they actually discontinued them? I can't get a clear answer out of them