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  1. Oh, that's nice. There was nobody on (called around 0030) so I had to park on it for a few minutes just to hear the analogue carrier (?) white noise. Pretty close to home, too, 503-632 is only 20 minutes or so down I-205 from me.Sounds like there's also a radio station very faintly bleeding into it. Mmmmmmight be KEX, but I also live not very far from the KPAM tower yard so it may have been that bleeding into my line (but it usually doesn't). 503-632-0101 Some folks are on now. They noticed me so I hung up.
  2. I think the only bridge I've ever heard not supe was a loop on a DMS-10 in Iowa. Unfortunately, it was also limited to thirty second or so before it'd mute you. I'll see if I can dig it up sometime. EDIT: The Metaswitch voicemail for the TDS Calnet thingie was replaced by an Innovative Systems AP for some reason, and currently has no greeting. So to make up for that, 541-384-0101 is one of those weird EWSD milliwatts that accepts DTMF when the tone goes away. For 541-384-0126 the password is 1234?