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  1. Thank you for this information. I am not a jedi-knight in the knowledge of computer internals yet, but I am working towards learning them.Lecture 03 Bits, Bytes and Data Types - School of Computer Sciencestick that in google should start you on the road. No one is anymore. back in the day when compiler bugs were common, only way to fix certain problems was to delve in the compiled code and step through to find out what went wrong. These days of java byte codes .Net and server side languages often even the coder doesnt get to see the final code. Thanks again mate! I'll definitely look that lecture up. I'm going to teach myself some programming language, just have to figure which one to go for first.
  2. Thank you for this information. I am not a jedi-knight in the knowledge of computer internals yet, but I am working towards learning them.
  3. Makes a lot of sense StankDawg, I find this as one of the few forums that actually practices or tries to teach its users about common sense. definitely going to like this site. thanks for the heads up. As you've pointed out, it's a maturity factor involved. I've never personally cracked systems, but I'd like to learn programming and go for my CEH and become a white hat (which sounds like the capacity you were functioning in when you notified the company of the security hole). I personally think that due to the recent celebrity status (more like infamous status) attributed to groups like LulzSec, Anon, and more recently the Lizard Squad alot of young computer users and even those with potential to do good, are being misled into believing that the actions carried out by groups like Lizard Squad is harmless fun. Anon is a completely different entity in it's functionality as a whole, and that's another topic. but majority of young users are not seeing the forest for the trees in my humble opinion. And as expected, I would be more surprised if government agencies didn't lurk these styles of forums. the best way to be protected from new exploits and security holes is to jump into the pit with the vipers and try and gleam some information on new happenings. but at the end of the day, what can you do? you can lead a horse to an IDE but you can make him remember the proper syntax (I think that's how the saying goes )
  4. looking for information on binary code viruses and binary revolution sprung up as a link. so I followed it and joined, think I've found a nice pool of information and individuals who can aid me in learning as well as me helping others.
  5. Thanks, I'll check out Aussie's MOT video now. Edited to add: Lol, doubt I'll be trying anything that intense but I still found value in the video. thanks for this suggestion again. Lol I could imagine the feeling, but atleast the CPU and Vid-cards didn't get fried. what voltage level and which process was this if you don't mind my asking.
  6. Thank you for the reply scratchycarrier, and sorry for not explicitly stating how binary code would fry the mobo or cpu but I meant to say what you had touched upon and that's sending excess voltage to the cpu (basically overclocking it without the user being aware of it happening) and slowing or stopping the cooling fan(s). and lol, yea I expected alot of my systems to use the dust bunnies as 'gas to the fire' and surprised it didn't catch. sorry for being ignorant on the following, but who are those 3 that you've named? Edited to add: I found a Aussie50 youtube channel, and no nothing that crazy. just a way to cripple an attacking system by totally rendering their systems useless. that's why I was asking about binary hacking, maybe my idea is too vague right now.
  7. Thank you again! I am a currently a student in the IT field thinking about going into the security sector and was trying to get a good direction in which to begin studying for a side project related to OS protection utilizing a virus/trojan style system focused on direct hardware attacks of the attacker(s) system(s). I tried asking this very same question in an irc room and as expected, was met with elitist attitude and didn't receive any help other than being a "moron" lol.
  8. I'd figured that but then began to second guess my understanding as I am finding very limited information on binary hacking/cracking when I do web searches. thanks for the clarification Systems_glitch
  9. thank you for the reply. another question, in hopes of clarifying for me; so with knowledge of ROM exploiting, I could potential say fry a mobo or cpu on a target system with only binary data being sent from my attacking system to the attacked system correct?
  10. say you know the chip set for a target system, and you've already coded (or know the instruction code) to shut the system down. can you (only using binary code) execute this task? or hacking through binary is impossible?