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  1. Decided to give this a try after a few reasons regarding my sky connection and was suggested to try it due to a rapidshare error I was receiving (Error: IP blocked.) I can see one or two advantages of using this, namely faster page loadings but would like to know what sort of disadvantages there are. Are there any security risks when using this at all? Any info would be nice. -P
  2. It is true
  3. Hi folks, Was formatting a WinXP HDD the other day, so first thing I done was remove all other HDD to avoid confusion/accidental formatting of them. Tried to boot up my WD 1TB external HDD but nothing came up., so I checked GParted and it was detecting it but showing unallocated space: 931.51GiB. Thought that maybe the file type was changed so I loaded up WinXP on another computer and it's showing up as the same. Disk Management shows this: The questions I ask is: How would this just happen out of the blues? Could the MBR be corrupt? I've not tried booting up winxp's repair yet. Are there any good recovery software worth getting to retrieve the files? I've always sworn by photorec when getting small data but almost 1TB of data with random file names kinda suck, so would ideally need something that recovers the file names too! Cheers -P
  4. Yeah, did see the tutorial I managed to recover a pile of mp3's after but none of my photographs came up. Guess I just need to be extra careful and read things slower next time I format something
  5. Hmmkay. The HDD is 500GB and while going through installation it gave a BSOD so based on your post some files could be recovered? I just let Photorec run for 20 mins and stopped to see what comes through. Most are just a bunch of .dll/.exe and stuff but upon clicking some media files it's showing up fine and have now found some full songs which I can keep/rename. Now to find out how to scan for pictures only to see if I get any luck with that!
  6. Hai, Wasn't sure where exactly to post this but I'm guessing it would be more useful in here. Basically I was trying to format an old HDD that I broke a while back and to re-install Windows XP on it when I accidentally formatted my backup (external HDD) I'm running Ubuntu as my main OS so right now I'm trying to use Photorec to recover all my data but it seems to be picking up all the Windows XP stuff. Is there a way in Photorec, or any other programs where I can choose a data (14th May ideally) so it doesn't pick up all this Windows XP stuff? I'm not really bothered about recovering all my data (installation files, films, music etc) I just need all my photographs from this year/last year which is a good couple of thousand :mumble: Any help would be great <3 -P
  7. I would have liked a sticker As for the post mentioned before, I didn't have to pay any extra tax for shipping to the UK so don't worry about getting charged extra our end :>
  8. Slightly old post and kinda relevant. We was so close to setting up a similar (2600) in Cardiff the other year, don't know how it didn't go through as planned :{ Nothing happens in Wales D:
  9. I'm assuming you already know this so probably no help whatsoever but: Penney J C Co Inc Phone: 303-933-9294 8501 W Bowles Ave, Denver, CO 80202 Penney J C Co Inc 8501 W Bowles Ave Littleton, CO 80123 Which is a retail store
  10. I thought removing the CMOS battery does the trick (almost) all the time?
  11. The password for my Computer systems teacher in College is 'password' and the root password on the Linux box is 'password07'
  12. I'll be getting the 8G soon, but I may wait because someone said to me they're bringing out the 11" screens in the new year??
  13. Are there any Mediums left on either design?
  14. OR; Leave his 'brothers' computer alone, he probably password protected it for a reason
  15. This is a decent book to start off with if you're looking for books to buy