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  1. there is also a weird website called www.microsoft.com I heard they sell broken windows. Who the hell wants to buy broken windows??
  2. there might be soem confusion let me break the sentence down. this is for DigitalAttrition. btw. DigitalAttrition I was looking for the blog's name "QODS ec" if you do not mind this was for punchdown554 regarding the comment I hate gmail by the way. thanks
  3. btw. It is QOD not GOD :punk: . punchdown554 so do you want a GMail or not??
  4. --[CONTEST: 4 GMail invites up for grabs I am willing to give a GMail invite for a person who does one of the following: 1) Design a logo to my blog 2) Design a template for my blog 3) Write an article to my blog 4) Write a review to my blog One winner will be chosen depending on the quality of each item. Terms Of Use: All the work that is sent to me to enter on this contest will be published on this blog, so do your best. Contest is free for any one to enter. The material you send me must be original, if the material is not then your are immediately disqualified. Articles will preferably be of technical topic and the template must be simple yet still delivering the same features as the blogger ones. One note on the template is that it has to have a big space to publish articles in. Submitions should be sent to rlogin@gmail.com and the deadline is the 23rd. Winners will be announced on the 26th. Good Luck :paw:
  5. pretty good show. Although using some sort of computer video recorder woudl be great for the next episode like http://www.google.com/search?hl=en&lr=&ie=...der&btnG=Search . keep up the good work
  6. maximum linux security maximum security snort 2.0 secrets and lies beyond fear phrack+many ezines they are all great 10/10 for all.
  7. i got mine today as well with the office 2003 eval CD and onenote 2003
  8. well i have 2 connected on my computer, bliking at night. I have them kind of working but i do not have a smart card, probably going to get one soon. i also tried a little hack about a week ago, i changed some letters from my address so if i lived at 123 south ave i wrote ...123 south ave for the first one, then 123 southh ave for the second , and 123 south ave. for the third, they all came. Kind of like a little evasion for there database of a maximum of three
  9. any one do anything interested with these readers??
  10. i like XFCE the best.
  11. actually i just want to learn how packets apear on the wire. I know there are converters, but how do these converters work. I will search some more and tell you what i will find out.
  12. heh never got any peice of spam since i got away from hotmail and started not signing up for everything. A rule of thumb to follow is to not pick a provider that is popular, heck my email provider is not popular at all that i was able to register microsoft, windows, and root [at] notgoingtotellyou.com
  13. i think it is funny, somewhat from a nuteral point of view.
  14. well i know about hecx, and i use tcpdump and snort and none of the documentation include anything about such things, i also read 2 books about snort and came up empty handed.
  15. I wanted to know if there is a site, or book that will teach him how to read hex log files from sniffers. Is there any books or sites that cover such topics indeapth. thanks