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  1. /me walks by and burps /me then tries to find the "add reply" button... /me found it
  2. "Change is the constant, the signal for rebirth, the egg of the phoenix." -Christina Baldwin
  3. Aren't they dead?
  4. Ooh, me rikey.
  5. Any and all knowledge was purely unintentional.
  6. Well you know...can't let folks think I Gogganed out or anything
  7. You're too kind. We're hoping to have a one shot soon. I think we're well past our Hackermind years, but once a hacker, A L W A Y S a hacker.
  8. Wish I had an interesting story to tell to explain my absence...but alas, nope. Yours truly has been a systems analyst for the past year. On top of that, I've teamed up with a new tuners if you can believe it. Already got chased away by cops for having my ride parked in a lot with about...*cough* 40 or 50 others lol Thanks to Stank's advice I got an '03 Hyundai (shaddup) Tiburon. It's a 5 speed 4 banger, but I'm working on getting an Alpine turbo in yes, once again, I'm doing a lot of reading. In the computer scene I'm still going strong. No shows or anything, but Dash and I are determined to bring Hackermind back for a one-shot (at least). Thanks to work I've been able to dig into Pro 5 shit and can finally use my computer skills for evi--er, good. I'm lucky because my employers know what hackers are and happily let the stickers stay on my new lappy and love my 2600 articles (so it's official, 3 people like them). But regardless, they pay like shit so I'm finding something else lol Anyway, that's about it...oh, Dash is a Reserve Sheriff (AKA PIG), yes, that's right lol but that's all I got to say for now.
  9. Call me Bobby Fischer... ...ya know, without the anti-semitism and generally psychotic behavior
  10. Taught the old man everything he knows lol
  11. I hate when people say that. Don't you? In other words, Staaaank where you at? Don't act like you don't know me and I can't spam ya board
  12. Yeah Stank, God damn!
  13. How the hell did our crappy show make it onto I'm honored
  14. I'll be looking into it later. Doesn't look serious though, I still have access to my account on there.