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  1. Yeah I know It is just that those containers are not usable cross platform. Having encryption support across all 3 platforms is a really great feature.
  2. Just found the link to this badboy and wanted to give a heads up! I cannot wait, This will be the complete encryption solution once it is released.
  3. Hey DDP, Just want to say a big thank you for 200 Episodes of awesomeness. Binrev has been such an important part of my life. It made me proud to be a geek when I felt like I had no place in the world. Please dont dissappear into obscurity, it would be great to hear from all of you guys from time to time. I also need to hear the occasional swear filled rank from StankDawg to keep my going! It has been awesome! Many thanks again to you all.
  4. I WANT MY BINREV! NOW NOW NOW!!!! GIMMIE MY BINREV!!!! AHHHHHHH!!!! Hope someone gets the reference and I dont sound like a complete twat!
  5. $100 rebate (more like store vouchers) for iPhone early adopters.
  6. What does /etc stand for then? Thanks for the link to that Linux podcast. I will check it out.
  7. This is a great podcast for both experienced Linux users and beginners. The host talks through a bunch of Linux topics ranging from Linux servers, Bash, the Command Line, Various Distros, Networking and more. The quality of the shows are really good. The host gives quite friendly overviews of the topics giving you a good idea of what the topic means, its applications and leaves you with a sense of knowing where to go if you want to go and find out more. I think this is part of what linux needs to make it accessible to people who are not natural techs who "just know" what to do, but have the capacity to become skilled users. The only think wrong with it is the intro music (Ahhhh!!! the first few episodes were better)
  8. iPwned
  9. I would really like to know some good books for investing if anyone has some suggestions. I feel that a lot of hackers/techs are sometimes too non-money minded, so they are forced to squander their amazing abilities working for some oaf who could not even spell linux. The tech world would probably be a better place if people had the resources to make the cool stuff they wanted instead of wasting time, grinding the gears of some lame company. In my ideal, I would make a tonne of cash quickly, retire and spend my time writing free software or other stuff that benefits humanity as a whole.
  10. Coolness thanks!
  11. Cats??? New Episode, Sweet. Thanks guys.
  12. ahahahahhahahahahaha I saw this a while ago and it still makes me laugh. What a tool.
  13. Sweet! Thanks for the new show
  14. Is there something about Linux that interests you and motivates you to make the change? (ie you are interested in Unix type operating systems, or there are things you want to do in Linux that you cant do in Windows, the server element of Linux interesting you, or you just plain want to try something different) I think there are wrong reasons to switch to Linux like was trying to be part of the "in crowd" because Linux was seen as 1337, or wanting Linux to be a better version of Windows. Despite what people say, the transition is not super smooth, and there are somethings that I like about windows that I dont get in Linux (not so much now). Dont believe the hype. Linux is secure and stable but as said before it comes with its own set of issues. Driver support can be a pain. Hardware can be an issue, codec support is an issue to get supported and some of your favourite software does not exist. But if you are willing to persevere a little, and learn new things then it is really rewarding. Hmmmm... Choosing a distro quite difficult but you are free to experiment, the only cost is time! Personally my favourite distributions are Suse 10.2 and Fedora 7 (Just recently tried Fedora and it has really impressed me). I am not too keen on Ubuntu (though a one or two people swear by it ). But being honest too, I really like Windows XP (once I have configured it to work the way I like) and after getting used to Linux, it is a close call as to which I prefer, so I use both. Happy choosing and experimenting!
  15. I love the part in Hackers and Crackers when Zearle comes out with "Your copy protection, give me an erection"