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  1. A very simple command line bluebox/tone generator I wrote in python on top of pyo synthesizer library. Mostly written for the education, but it will allow you to bluebox project mf if you are amongst those of us who would like to bluebox, but do not have the extra time to build one from an arduino/PCB. What I do is run the audio from PlayTones.py from an earbud to the receiver, and it works beautifully. BlueBox.zip
  2. I think that's one of those transmission test thingies. If you press touchtones, you can get it to respond with noise or, well, other tones. 0 will make it hang up, though. Oh that's pretty cool then! Thanks for the info. 212-787-9956 212-968-9999 646-674-9999 718-852-0009 Anyone know what this is? Test number? Carrier? Fax machine? * Edit: Dialing the Bell Atlantic numbers with pulse dialing apparently works ,The last time I tried with a different phone (same line) it did not work so that's an oddity to note, which could have been due the other phone not working correctly, or the update of FIOS from 5ess to CS-2000s ThoughtPhreaker was telling me about. One question to anyone who bothers listening and might know, the # key DTMF'd at the end of the second message in the recording is the AIS recording thing not cutting that off of the guy's recording (noise before the proper frequencies are registered from the # key), or would it be some sort of in band DTMF signalling? bellAtlanticTelcoMessages.mp3
  3. You've pretty much described exactly the history of my home phone number beginning around '94 or '95. Unfortunately as much as I would love to MF those MF'ers (pun intended) I am in no position to do so..as such, by necessity I will have to learn to love (or at least live with) my CS-2000, at least for the time being. Ignorance is bliss, I was just following the 9901 switch messages and trying to get a decent picture of the city's switching system, but I should have known something like what you're describing was going on ...damn. Edit** I also have tried to no end to find a working 1010 carrier access code, and this would explain that as well.
  4. Thats true it is an excellent post, Never mind deleting it, let everyone enjoy that post and this one as well. 212-924-9968 WTF is this? Any ideas? It's been a mystery for me. Test numbers: 212-787-9960 212-787-9963 212-787-9968 Stats for this thread when the phreak forum was loaded for me Next coincident in 30,000 views. 65 replies1,337 views
  5. Yeah it is FIOS. It used to be telephone only, but I think it's been updated to a package in the last few years. We've had the number since the Bell days.
  6. I've tried the 958s and 113s to no avail.
  7. PhreakmanMember Since 03 Aug 2014 Offline Last Active Nov 04 2014 01:33 PM Pics or .................
  8. I aksed the operator what my long distance provider is, she said it's verizon. It is a verizon landline, I don't pay the bill over here for the landline, so I'm not certain outside of the op. 660 + the last 4 gives me a message "The number you have dialed cannot be completed". Interesting to note is any other number, even a local number on the same switch will tell me to "Please dial area code and number" for only dialing 7 digits. If I dial my own number with no areacode I get a busy signal. That means, at least that Im aware of, 660 + last 4, and my own 7 digit number are the only 2 numbers I can dial with no area code and get something different than the standard error("Please dial area code and number"). Sadly 660 + last 4 does not get me a ringback, but that is interesting nonetheless.
  9. Can I (or someone) delete this post? Edit I'll make lemonade out of shit: 800-666-0023 silent termination Milliwatts: 212-666-9959 212-666-9960 212-666-9963 212-666-9968 Switch Message 212-666-9902
  10. There's something fishy about that number Fishy as in it belongs to a fish company? or... ??? lol.. What do you think it might be? Really curious.. **Edit: LOL Im slow, https://api.opencnam.com/v2/phone/+16317880001(FISHERS IS NY) hhahaha 218-488-0001 One of the wierder error messages I've encountered. "Ask your mother for assistance", 1 up from the one listed on phworld.org a while back that's no longer up.
  11. *58 yields a telco error: "The feature you have entered is not available for this service" 660 is something but responsive to anything I do, it is not. Also while it is alternating something about 12(ish?) seconds on and 3(ish?) off, it is a tone and then silence, of the sounds it does make none of these are dialtones, it sounds like a warbled solid frequency almost (The recordings will do it more justice than my rambling). ***UPDATE Here are some recordings, 660.mp3 has me calling 660 + my 7 digit number two times in a row (the number is modified in the recording). The first time I get the tone which goes on and off which I mentioned before, and the second time I got an error message when I called immediately after. 1153.mp3 and 1154.mp3 has the double and triple ringback that occurs when I dial *53 and *54. NormalRing.mp3 is the normal ring pattern I get (+ CID data burst) from a regular call, as opposed to the double and triple ring from the ringback codes. Instead of a second dialtone that I hear about in normal (real) ringbacks like the 660, note that the * codes give a busy signal when you call them. 1154TripleRingback.mp3 1153DoubleRingback.mp3 660.mp3 NormalRing.mp3
  12. Allied Industries Conference Service 631-788-0001, any 5 digits will do. I have a couple of carriers and unidentified numbers, I have to look them up in my collection, check if they're still up and I will post them as well.
  13. I am on a 5ESS and I have noticed that very recently the requirement of 1 + 10 digit dialing which has always been the case on my switch has been updated or changed, and I can now dial either with only 10 digits or with 1 + 10 digit number...Which may or may not have anything remotely to do with said update?
  14. On The Bridge St. DS0 (NYCKNYBRDS0) which is a WECO 5ESS (Digital) according to telcodata, 660-(My 7 digit landline #) will give me an alternating (on/off) wierd tone (I will make recordings ASAP), but I have not been able to get it to ringback, 660 + any other number or 660 + the last 4 digits of my landline # will only get an error message. I have tried instantaneously hanging up but 660 does not yield a callback (maybe Im doing it wrong?). On a separate train of thought I was interested in checking out if there were any interesting unknown vertical service codes (i.e, *67. *69, *72, etc.) I finally arrived upon NANPA's list of vertical service codes (http://www.nanpa.com/number_resource_info/vsc_assignments.html) and have three "ringback" codes at least on my switch, 2 of which actually callback, none pass any caller ID info. *53, *54, and *55 are listed as Single Line Variety Package (SVP) - Distinctive Rings (B, C, and D respectively). *53, and *54 do ring back on my switch, but it is not a normal ring, it is distinctive (will put up recordings ASAP). Is there any more information on these service codes? It's kind of cool because it's the first "ringback" method that actually worked for me, I havent had any other telco code ringback for me successfully before, and I havent been able to find out too much. Sorry if this has been posted, I would appreciate any info on the Single Line Variety stuff if anyone knows. Also if anyone has more info on 660 and how to possibly get it to ring back that would be awesome. Thanks