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  1. So i dialed 101-0555 and it says "No routes found". What is the deal with that?
  2. Sometimes i connect and it just says Connect 115200. What does that mean? My baud rate?
  3. I know this is an old post, but is this actually true?
  4. Got it working afterall!!! So happy!!!
  5. I have a Trendnet TFM-561U usb modem. It works perfectly on windows, but i can't get it working easy on linux. However it is supposedly compatible. So maybe i will get this working.
  6. Sounds right to me. You'll see newish telecom stuff that uses 7/E/1 pretty frequently, though. And security by obscurity. It's nice (and rare) when you can just hit enter and something tells you what it is. Even if they are a pain in the ass sometimes, it's a good idea to have a modem, especially for CLEC exchanges built in the nineties. Occasionally, you'll find some really nice things lying around on a modem. And unlike every internet facing server ever, it won't be mobbed by bots. Minicom is a good choice. You'll run into some trouble if you find something that wants some unusual kind of terminal emulation, but for 99% of what's out there, it'll work just fine. I found that and another one called wvdial. How does wvdial work? I am gonna test it out soon, since i am gonna buy a modem today.
  7. Ahh, okay. I thought you had a Windstream line in that prefix. If it's TWC, you're probably going to a switch that's nowhere near here. If anyone is interested in those modems, 9863, 9868, and 9869 use 7/O/1 and answer with "PASSWORD ?". 9865 is 7/E/1 and answers with "RMAC-ENTER PASSWORD :". As in the the username is "7/0/1" and the password is "PASSWORD" ? Also what modem program do you recommend for linux for dialing into systems?
  8. Ok, i want to know why that happens...
  9. Hacking isn't about stealing acounts and breaking into stuff illegally. We are not going to help you on this. If you want to discuss the security of emails and facebook, that is totally cool, as long as you don't plan on being an asshole and stealing acounts.
  10. So this is my switch: https://www.telcodata.us/view-switch-detail-by-clli?clli=SHOKCA01DS0 Anyone have any ideas on how to find cool numbers in it, besides wardialing?
  11. My carrier must block cacs . Can't even make a call with one to a 1-800 number.
  12. Which voip provider of these seems to work the best?
  13. I was like oh shit, "ugh wrong number". So there is really a carrier?
  14. Thanks for this.
  15. So I found one of those calling a post office in rural Arizona of all things! 520-387-6602. Quite a surprise when you're just looking for a ringing number. I'm thinking this might be a 300 baud modem in some kind of reverse answer mode. If you've ever listened to the handshake for one, one end of the carrier is 2200 hz, and the other is the ~1255 hz tone these answer with. I called there and got a post office. Dafuk...
  16. Could you tell me what carrier access codes do exactly? I get that they change you a different long distance carrier for the duration of the call, but how exactly does it work. I would try it but I'm worried about getting billed a lot, since the landlines at my house are my parents's.
  17. Found a milliwatt test: 818-981-0002
  18. using https://ebiznet.att.com/testline/ I think I might have found loop numbers. not sure since I've not had a chance to test them yet. I will update this if It proves a success. Nope just goes to busy...
  19. I have a phone line over cable, but I have a pots line left in the back of my house. Sometimes I use the pots line (not paid for hehe. Guess they don't deactivate them on my switch.). My local switch is a DMS-100. Does anyone know any cool stuff you can do with a DMS-100?
  20. Damn what a post! Those are some cool numbers. How do you find them? Wardialing? ***Moderator edited quoteblock for brevity***
  21. do you know what the password and mailbox id's are for red robin? Also what does the GTE conf bridge do exactly?